The Korea Football Association Emergency working towards 20 thousand red T-shirt stadium will become-incubus

The Korea Football Association Emergency rushed 20 thousand red T-shirt stadium will become the Red Sea [Planning] at waizhao "master" hanguoguo foot to be alert to speak with their feet in August 31st comprehensive sports Tencent South Korean media reports, South Korea Football Association in order to fight against the fans cheering China great in strength and impetus, the provisional decision to provide free home fans for 20 thousand red T-shirt the national team at the world cup cheer. The Chinese team main colours are red, South Korea Football Association in order not to let the fans from the South Korean team known as the 30 thousand natural red thunder is costly, the media that the Seoul World Cup Stadium rock will appear rare on a red sea of wonders. Korean media believes that because of the two countries. South Korea Football Association team main colors were red, in order to overwhelm the visiting team, specially made 20 thousand red T-shirts, key is issued to the East stand and the north stand of the home fans, thus forming the south stand 15 thousand China fans beat potential. According to the information that the Korea Football Association, China dragon fans Association 4000 red T-shirt for the fans, the 20 thousand red T-shirt will certainly win the. In addition, the ticket sales are sluggish, as of yesterday, only 45 thousand tickets were sold, the total number of 75% tickets, while the number of China fans is expected to reach 30 thousand, so the South Korean Football Association in order to encourage more fans to watch the battle scene, specially introduced a number of incentive measures. The Korea Football Association announced that holders of August 17th to 31 at the League Cup in August 24th, tickets and tickets to buy AFC Champions League Seoul home court and the battle of the ticket price can discount 40%, including the north stand 1 and 2 tickets etc.. (afternoon)相关的主题文章: