The landlord tenant gas poisoning sentenced to bear responsibility for 70% new network – in running man 20130908

The landlord tenant gas poisoning sentenced to bear responsibility for 70% – check safety status of the housing and the equipment rental house before beijing. If found to be a problem, promptly to the owner, asking for rectification. If the owner refuses rectification, do not lease such houses. The house will be leased to a safety device for investigation, such as the installation of the water heater to meet safety standards, air conditioning equipment do not appear leakage. Immediately found rectification. Ocean News Network because of water heater installation does not meet the safety requirements, Haizhuqu District, a case of carbon monoxide poisoning when the victim was killed in the bath, the family then the landlord to court, claims on the million. In April this year, the Haizhuqu District court for the cause of rental homeowners do not pay attention to the safety of life obligations arising from the first instance verdict, the landlord Liu was sentenced to compensate the families of the loss of up to 654 thousand yuan. Currently, the case is in Guangzhou intermediate people’s Court of second instance. The landlord told the landlord claims million Haizhuqu District court found that the defendant Liu is the owner of the incident rental housing, which will be leased to the house of Zhao and Lee two couples. In January 2, 2015, Lee bath, for a long time not to come out, her husband Zhao realized that was wrong, broke into the house and found that his wife has become unconscious. After the hospital, Lee died. Zhao then sued Liu, said the water heater installed in the bathroom, directly discharged into the indoor carbon monoxide, this is the cause of the death of Lee, seeking compensation for death compensation and funeral expenses, dependents living expenses and other expenses totaling more than 100 yuan. Owner Liu Mouze does not think he has a way to install the water heater is wrong, and said the deceased and the plaintiff in the rental housing during the period, there is no problem with the installation of water heaters to it. The first instance held that the defendant Liu as the owner of the house, the obligation to ensure the safety of the rental housing, the installation of water heaters do not meet safety standards, is the main cause of the accident. The deceased Lee as an adult, should also have the ability to identify potential safety problems, which saw the water heater installed in an unsafe manner, should be promptly pointed out to the owner and asked for rectification. However, Zhao, Lee until the accident did not do so, it should also bear part of the responsibility. Accordingly, the Haizhuqu District court in April 11th this year, the first instance verdict, found that the defendant Liu assume responsibility for the accident 70%, the plaintiff Zhao assume 30%. The court found that the reasonable economic losses, including the child’s death has not yet been child support, etc., the defendant to the plaintiff to compensate the total loss of 65.4 yuan. It is reported that the case is currently in Guangzhou intermediate people’s Court of second instance. Rent found hidden problems should require the landlord to rectify the case handling judge pointed out that the management of rental housing has been a weak link in urban management. There are quite a number of rental houses have varying degrees of security risks, not only to the tenants of the property and even a threat to the safety of life, but also may make homeowners face high compensation. The judge suggested that the lessee in the lease housing, housing security situation should be carefully examined and the equipment, if there is a problem in a timely manner to the owner of the requirements, such as rectification, the owner refused to rectification, while the ocean相关的主题文章: