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The largest YunOS TV can cater to consumers to create a new era of intellectual creation? Sohu, science and technology in recent years with the development of the smart TV industry, consumer demand for the current stage of smart TV has become more picky, but no matter how to enhance consumer demand, the TV is still is an important way for users to access the contents of the. The current Internet boom has spread to the field of smart TV, and for smart TV, the Internet to join, or will enable consumers to return to the center of gravity of consumer products on tv. The fundamental reason is precisely because smart TV can help consumers enjoy a better quality of content services, but also to provide a more convenient way of consumption. But consumers are not only concerned about the content of a single service, the corresponding hardware configuration is also an important aspect of consumer concern. So from the perspective of consumers, display more clear, can bring more high-quality user experience, and combined with the advantages of the Internet, to the smart TV industry to develop a new path in the future of the market. Foxconn YunOS for teamed Ali to create a new SHARP TV smart TV in the background of the influence of Internet smart TV industry, Foxconn teamed up with Ali to create a new SHARP YunOS for TV smart TV, and launched a 6070 inch specifications, which is currently the largest size on the market YunOS tv. About this partnership, by Hon Hai Group Chairman Mr. Terry Gou of chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba proposed by Mr. Ma in 2016 Yunxi conference "five new" perfect interpretation. At the conference, Mr. Ma Yun said: "in the future, there will be new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy." And Mr. Terry Gou is very recognized, and combined with the future development of SHARP, interpretation. Mr Terry Gou insisted that SHARP TV sales channels in the future is not limited to traditional channels, should be more channel resources into the line, at the same time to complete the process of consumption through TV, this "new retail form" and not "one-way" but "two-way", and on the other hand, we can increase the purchase for consumers the product channels, users do not need to go out at the same time the payment is for the "new financial" interpretation. In addition to the "new technology", Mr. Terry Gou thinks so, SHARP is the world’s first LCD display equipment manufacturers, and SHARP in the field of technological innovation through the use of its internal advantages, and constantly improve the quality, energy consumption and the display effect of the LCD panel, so the production process has been in a leading position in the industry. In addition, Mr. Terry Gou also revealed the SHARP 8K TV program, hoping to bring the majority of consumers during the 2020 Olympic Games surprise. Thus, Ali and SHARP teamed up to create the largest size of the YunOS TV market not only to bear the hope of the smart TV industry, but also by the attention of more consumers. Application of the new wisdom made products can successfully complete the breakout market in the new SHARP product line among them, the screen size of the product covers 45506070 inches, can be seen in its production.相关的主题文章: