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"Hero alliance" qualifying system update on-line game — on 29 August, before the "hero alliance" changed the official ranking system, including in high rank join single row double limit, automatic position compensation protection promotion in the race, and will not be continuous and automatic filling system. Specific changes are as follows: the team has been in force limited. 5 to master Dan diamond three rows will not exist, only a single row option. The strongest King Dan game player will be subject to additional restrictions, only a single row. Since the 2016 season qualifying initial, despite a number of adjustments and changes, dynamic team fails to meet the demands of everyone. Specifically, it gradually destroys the fair competition of the highest level of qualifying. The official will make a series of changes in qualifying, the first is the following two changes. Live from 5 to start: Diamond master Dan the game player can choose single row and double row, or a teammate. Quickly put the knife down: to ensure the accuracy of the ladder top ranking, the strongest King Dan the game player will be restricted to only a single row of automatic position compensation in future versions, in the promotion stage of the game player will ensure one of the two selected position. Automatic position compensation has been added to ordinary call queue. The official said that the automatic placement in the promotion of the most critical moment, may affect the player to play the best strength, so to avoid this situation. Nevertheless, automatic supplementation has confirmed that can effectively reduce the waiting time, so the official function is also added to the ordinary call queue, to help those who are troubled by the long queue time of the game player. No danger of anything going wrong: when in (between two Dan or short) in the qualifying game, game player can guarantee will be selected one of two positions: extra care system will not let into the game player continuous automatic position compensation remedium open: if queuing time is too long, the general recruitment mode will open and automatic position compensation mentioned in the Riot Pls in another upcoming adjustment — let the strongest king and the extraordinary master Dan wins points attenuation rule more strictly — not included in the 6.17 changes in the. Officials are deploying the new rules in an upcoming new version. (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: