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The list of vegetables in October! "Three taro five fresh" have you eaten? [Abstract] this time this time "taro" vegetables contain the best starch quality, vitamin and mineral content is also the most abundant. The harvest season, a large number of fresh vegetables are listed, how to select the most seasonally most living ingredients? Look at the expert’s recommendation! "Three taro" contains the best starch quality, according to Professor Wan Zheng Huang, Huazhong Agricultural University and Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Now, "taro" vegetables contain the best starch quality, the most abundant vitamin and mineral content. Artichoke: regulate blood sugar, alleviate dizziness is also called the name of Jerusalem artichoke artichoke, chrysanthemum ginger, ginger. Jerusalem artichoke contains a substance that is very similar to the structure of insulin, which helps to reduce blood sugar. At the same time, when people have hypoglycemia and dizziness, a piece of Jerusalem in the mouth, can be immediately remission. In eating, raw food and cooked food are all flavors, made to make soy sauce or preserved ginger, and the taste is better. Amorphophallus: anti atherosclerosis, improve immunity, konjac contains a lot of vitamins, plant fiber and a certain amount of mucin protein, it has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Eating konjak can also improve the body’s immunity. The mannan anhydride and excellent dietary fiber have the function of preventing cancer, and prevent constipation and reduce the absorption of fat by the intestine. Konjac can be made into various dishes, such as cool konjac celery, fried konjac peas, konjac egg soup, and so on. However, the konjac food is poisonous and must be cooked for 5 minutes or so. It is not too much to eat every time. Taro: tooth caries prevention and treatment of cancer, taro is an alkaline food well, it contained elements, the fluorine content is rich, has the function of protecting teeth, tooth caries. There is a natural polysaccharide polymer colloid in taro, which has a good antidiarrheal effect and can enhance the immune function of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that taro is beneficial to the function of stomach and intestines, detoxification of defecation and liver and kidney. Therefore, taro can be used as usual diet staple cancer prevention and adjuvant therapeutic efficacy in patients with breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma. Taro can be used as a staple food steamed with sugar and edible, can make milk soup, taro taro roll etc.. But the taro must be cooked, otherwise the mucus will stimulate the throat, and do not eat too much at once. "Five fresh" is the most expensive and inexpensive National High – level dietitian Zhao Yingmin recommended five are both nourishment, and very good digestion of food. More importantly, these foods are cheap and affordable, and can be eaten everywhere. Tomato autumn tomato maturity best, lycopene is the most abundant, basically do not need to add ripener. Autumn is also easily sunburn and tanning, and lycopene is an antioxidant that removes the free radicals produced by ultraviolet light. You don’t need to apply lycopene to the skin like sunscreen. It works in the body. No matter where you go, it can protect you, not only in the sun. Lycopene is a fat soluble vitamin, so it is more related to oil, cooking, cooking and other absorption will be better. Spinach in autumn is more full of sunshine, and the more nutrients, such as lutein and chlorophyll, are more abundant. So the autumn spinach is greener and looks more thick. In autumn, we should not only pay attention to the drying of the skin, but also pay attention to eye fatigue and aging. Spinach is a good source of vitamin B2 and beta carotene. When your vitamin B2 is enough, your eyes will not be easily covered with blood. And beta carotene can transform into vitamin A in the body, preventing dry eye symptoms such as dry eyes after using computers. Lotus root autumn is the season for the harvest of lotus root, and it is also the best time for the lotus root to taste and nourishment. In addition to a large number of carbohydrates, fresh lotus root is rich in protein and various vitamins and minerals. Health lotus cold, heat Chufan power, especially suitable for heat and long acne for human consumption. The cooked by cold temperature, Yangwei spleen, nourishing Yin, nourishing qi, antidiarrheal effect, is a good tonic food, especially suitable for the spleen and stomach, deficiency of Qi and blood and performance for the dry skin, lusterless complexion of the people. Lotus root section between the medicine is more irregular, with spleen appetizers, nourishing blood, hemostatic effect, but also help improve complexion. Honey fall has a large number of fresh honey listed, and the choice of nectar is also a lot. The autumn climate is dry and fresh honey has a good moisturizing effect. Honey is rich in nutrition. Its main components are glucose and fructose. The content of honey is 70%, and also contains amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, calcium and so on. In addition, honey is one of the most enzymes in food, which can effectively help the body to digest and absorb. Fresh jujube autumn fresh jujube fully mature, fresh jujube sweetness is the best, so this is the best season of the year. Fresh jujube is rich in skin color and red iron, and contains a lot of vitamin C, 70 times the content of apple, 16 times the orange, and 8 times the Actinidia. Vitamin C in fresh jujube is the best weapon against free radicals and anti-aging. It can restore melanin and inhibit melanin production, fade spots and pigmentation, and also improve skin color. [health] eat after the cold dew solar term of 5 kinds of root vegetables [] autumn health news must know "five health law": lack of exercise, eat more green [] autumn disease treatment to learn this trick can raise lung [health] Chongyang solar term of three kinds of food to eat from the festival will eat is relayed to the Tencent micro-blog welcome attention Dashen network health channel WeChat (micro signal: sh-jiankang) or the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning back to "1" you can see the health strategy: after reading this article you can feel at ease in summer! Return to "2" to see the health strategy: after swimming in summer, focus on 4 parts

十月蔬菜榜出炉!“三芋五鲜”你吃了吗? [摘要]现在这个时候的“芋”类蔬菜含有的淀粉品质最好,维生素和矿物质含量也最丰富。丰收的季节,大量新鲜蔬菜都纷纷上市,如何挑选最应季最养生的食材呢?看看专家的推荐!三芋”所含淀粉品质最好据华中农业大学、湖北省农业科学院万正煌教授介绍,现在这个时候的“芋”类蔬菜含有的淀粉品质最好,维生素和矿物质含量也最丰富。菊芋:调节血糖,缓解头晕菊芋俗名洋姜,又叫菊姜、鬼子姜。菊芋中含有一种与胰岛素结构非常近似的物质,有助于降低血糖。同时,当人们出现低血糖头晕时,含一块菊芋在嘴里,能够马上得到缓解。在吃法上,生食熟食都各有风味,制成酱菜或洋姜脯,则味道更佳。魔芋:防动脉硬化,提高免疫力魔芋含有大量的维生素、植物纤维及一定量的黏液蛋白,具有预防动脉硬化和防治心脑血管疾病的作用。吃魔芋还能提高机体免疫力,所含的甘露糖酐和优良膳食纤维有防癌作用,并且能防止便秘和减少肠道对脂肪的吸收。魔芋可做成各种菜式,如凉拌魔芋芹菜、炒魔芋豌豆、魔芋鸡蛋汤等。但是,魔芋生食有毒,必须煎煮5分钟左右即可食用,每次食量不宜过多。芋头:洁齿防龋,防治癌症芋头是一种很好的碱性食物,它所含的元素中,氟的含量较丰富,具有洁齿防龋、保护牙齿的作用。芋头中有一种天然的多糖类高分子植物胶体,有很好的止泻作用,并能增强人体的免疫功能。中医认为,芋头有益胃宽肠、通便解毒、补益肝肾等功用。因此,芋头可作为防治癌瘤的常用药膳主食,对乳腺癌、甲状腺癌、恶性淋巴瘤等患者有辅助食疗功效。芋头既可作为主食蒸熟蘸糖食用,又可以做成芋头牛奶羹、香芋卷等。但要注意芋头一定要烹熟,否则其中的黏液会刺激咽喉,而且不要一次吃得太多。“五鲜”最是物美价廉国家高级营养师赵英敏推荐五样都是既能补充营养,又非常好消化的养人食物。更重要的是,这些食物都是物美价廉,随处都可以吃到。番茄秋天的番茄成熟度最好,番茄红素也是最为丰富的,也基本不需要加催熟剂。秋天也很容易晒伤与晒黑,而番茄红素则是抗氧化剂,可清除紫外线产生的自由基。你无须像涂防晒霜那样将番茄红素涂于皮肤上,它在人体中起作用,无论你走到哪儿,它都可以保护你,且不仅在阳光下。番茄红素属于是脂溶性维生素,所以更亲于油脂,加油炒吃,做番茄汤等吸收会更好。菠菜秋天的菠菜接受的日照更充分,其中所含的叶黄素、叶绿素等营养素就越为丰富。所以秋天的菠菜颜色更绿,看起来更厚实。秋季不仅要注意皮肤的干燥,更要注意眼睛疲劳和衰老。菠菜是维生素B2和β-胡萝卜素的好来源。维生素B2充足的时候,眼睛便不容易布满血丝;而β-胡萝卜素呢,可以在体内转变成维生素A,预防使用电脑之后眼睛干涩等“干眼病”症状。莲藕秋季是莲藕丰收的时节,也是莲藕的口感和营养最好的时候。鲜藕除了含有大量的碳水化合物,蛋白质和各种维生素及矿物质的含量也很丰富。生藕性寒,有清热除烦之功,特别适合因血热而长痘痘的人食用。煮熟后其性由凉变温,有养胃滋阴、健脾、益气养血、止泻的功效,是一种很好的食补佳品,特别适合因脾胃虚弱、气血不足而表现为肌肤干燥、面色无华的人。藕段之间的藕节更是一味良药,具有健脾开胃、养血、止血的作用,还能帮助改善气色。蜂蜜秋天有大量的新鲜蜂蜜上市,可供选择的花蜜也很多。秋天气候干燥,新鲜的蜂蜜正有很好的润燥作用。蜂蜜的营养特别丰富,主要成分是葡萄糖和果糖,两者的含量达70%,还含有氨基酸、维生素A、维生素C、维生素D及铁、钙、等。另外蜂蜜是食物含酶最多的一种,可有效地帮助人体消化、吸收。鲜枣秋天的鲜枣完全成熟了,鲜枣甜度最佳,所以此时是一年当中最佳的吃枣季节。鲜枣富含让肤色红润的铁,还含有非常多的维生素C,是苹果含量的70倍,橘子的16倍,猕猴桃的8倍。鲜枣中的维生素C是对抗自由基、对抗衰老的最好武器,可以还原黑色素及抑制黑色素产生、淡化斑点及色素沉着,还可以改善皮肤色泽。 【节气养生】寒露过后多吃5种根菜 【健康要闻】秋季必知“五色养生法”:缺乏锻炼多吃绿 【疾病诊疗】秋季学会这一招能养肺 【节气养生】重阳吃茱萸 三种食物重阳节必吃 转播到腾讯微博 欢迎关注大申网健康频道微信(微信号:sh-jiankang)或扫描左侧二维码 回复“1”就可看到健康攻略:看完这篇文章你就可以安心度夏啦! 回复“2”就可看到健康攻略:夏季游泳后重点清洗4部位相关的主题文章: