The man during the bail theft to spend 6 thousand to fight back to Jiangxi caught-gigolos

The man during the bail theft to spend 6 thousand to fight back to Jiangxi after a theft to Gansu caught taxi fled back to Guizhou by the Jiangxi high-speed traffic police arrested. Original title: man during the bail theft Zhejiang spend 6 thousand to fight back to Jiangxi caught Chinese Jiangxi network Guizhou man Gan for theft of bail, prosecuted during the preparation, again steal money directly from Zhejiang, and pay 6000 yuan, hire a taxi to escape back to Guizhou…… October 30th, China Jiangxi network reporter was informed that the Jiangxi high-speed traffic police yesterday in the south of the spring high speed (Lotus territory) on duty, will be arrested. According to the Jiangxi seven high-speed traffic police detachment four brigade police, the afternoon of October 29th, the police brigade is Stephen Southern Jiangxi and Hunan circles (lotus in high speed) checkpoint duty, a car license Zhejiang taxi into the inspection area, inform the police from Zhejiang to Guizhou, and did not carry a driving license. This caused the police alert, immediately contact the command center through the walkie talkie inquiries vehicles and personnel. Is verifying the process, the taxi driver took the phone to let the police answer. Originally, the Zhejiang public security calls, said the passengers is a fugitive, the police are looking for the suspect, request control. Police on duty immediately for passengers Gan control, and seized the stolen money 13046 yuan. After further understanding, the suspect Gan, Guizhou fabric Jin, is a 90, was released on bail because of theft, are prosecuted during yesterday morning again in Huzhou road in Zhejiang Anji County car window theft of 22000 yuan, and then directly from the local pay 6000 yuan, a taxi to flee to Guizhou, but in Jiangxi high-speed arrested. According to reports, the case has been transferred to the Public Security Department of Zhejiang County, Lianhua County, Anji province public security departments to deal with. Source: China Jiangxi network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: