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The man felt terrible surgery 10 bottles of beer every day to turn away the kidney stones formula doctors are minimally invasive surgery for patients. Those stones taken out from a patient’s. 38 year old Wang was diagnosed with kidney stones. With a stone, the waist and abdomen often sore, but said to do surgery, he felt very terrible, listening to people say that every day to drink beer to the stone, he almost every day is 10 bottles of beer. On Saturday afternoon, he drank about 6 bottles of beer, but not for a while because of abdominal pain, the family was rushed to the nearby hospital. Refused to surgery was kidney stones by years of Mr. Wang is a businessman, often suffering from gallstone disease has run around here and there, for many years, "as in the hospital for more than 2 years ago, there is a maximum of ten, a little more than 1 cm, the doctor said that because of relatively large stones, not very smooth a little irregular, so the possibility of their fall out is not great, I suggest gravel or surgery." Yesterday, has been done in the hospital, Mr. Wang recalled that when he heard of surgery to do, they were scared, hanging two Tianshui no pain on the hospital. Later, often make kidney stones, especially after a hard work, make him sick, pain in the waist are not straight up, can’t do business. However, because of the fear of surgery, Mr. Wang still adhere to conservative treatment, hanging hanging in the hospital a lot of times, he also bought medicine to eat, but it has not worked, from time to time to make a kidney stone. Every day, I would like to turn the stone into the pain of pain, but also always delay business, Mr. Wang would like to have this problem to cure kidney stones. He began to suggest that more kidney, kidney stones because of kidney stones, so he looked for more than 1 months old Chinese medicine to eat, but no effect. A while ago, Mr. Wang to listen to a friend said that drinking beer can change the stone, he was a heartbeat. "I would have liked to drink beer, usually a day without a party to drink 35 bottles, if there is no entertainment that count." Mr. Wang said that he felt that this method can try. In order to change the stone, Mr. Wang to develop a plan for themselves: do not drink in the morning, at noon to drink 5 bottles, at night to drink a bottle of 5. If you want to drive the same day, then do not drink at noon, at night to drink 10 bottles. According to the plan, Mr. Wang has been implemented for more than 1 months. But I did not expect that the stone is not changed, but the pain is more severe, he really can not help but was sent to the hospital. Stone not only small but grew up in minimally invasive solution worry Mr. Wang Shi was admitted to the hospital, after examination, his kidney stones have not been out of beer, but longer, the largest has grown into irregular 2.5 centimeters of stone, know that Mr. Wang is afraid of surgery, the doctor advised Mr. Wang using minimally invasive surgery. On Sunday, Mr. Wang in the hospital to do a percutaneous nephrolithotomy holmium laser lithotripsy, surgery took less than 60 minutes to end, Mr. Wang is now restored to good. When the doctor put a plate to him from his body out of the stone when Wang growth sighed: "after finally no longer endure stone pain, early to know the operation should be done early, without being so long sin." Stone surgery into the micro stone相关的主题文章: