The man left 100 yuan wine on the table after dinner drink was advised Ms. to return to each other-imjpmig

The man left 100 yuan wine on the table after dinner drink actually advised Ms. to each other to come back from the Shapingba Public Security Bureau News: as the saying goes, is willing to bet must concede. Recently, in a man lost the bet 100 yuan, but to return to the other party to yiyanbuge, friends and strike violently. In October 27th, Ms. Chen, Shapingba, was invited by friends Liu, and some of Liu’s friends. Tuibeihuanzhan, Liu Xu, a friend to see Chen eat does not drink, Ms. Chen gave poured a cup of beer to Ms. Chen, Ms. Chen said he never drink, did not expect Xu did not believe and repeatedly encouraged Ms. Chen to drink, Ms. Chen still insisted not to drink, Xu huff, pulled out one hundred dollar bills, Ms. Chen said if the cup to drink, money is her, on the table of friends have also encouraged Ms. Chen to drink, watching the red bill, can not stand the temptation of Ms. Chen and drank the wine, he will be put into the bag of money. Dumbfounding is that after dinner, Ms. Chen met Xu Xu, Ms. Chen will have to drink at noon bet 100 yuan to him, Ms. Chen naturally refused, said Xu himself to what is mine, and two people of a dispute, then Liu just after, understand the situation after to help Ms. Chen to speak, said Xu a man willing to bet unyielding, Xu a fire will spread to fly into a rage, Liu ran on, Liu Liu is a punch, kick not resigned to playing second fiddle to Xu, and the two began playing up, Ms. Chen not to look at the situation then alarm. For details of the police after Liu, Xu persuasion, Ms. Chen to see drinking unprincipled bottom line behavior has been criticized, and suggested that money will be returned to Ms. Chen xu. At the same time, Liu, Xu’s impulsive behavior also criticized education. Three per capita without objection, and that with wine after a certain delay, drink less.

男子酒桌上甩100元劝女士喝酒 饭后竟向对方要回来自沙坪坝公安分局消息:俗话说的好,愿赌就要服输。近日,沙区一男子打赌输了100元后,竟欲向对方要回,一言不合还和朋友大打出手。10月27日,沙坪坝陈女士被好友刘某约饭,同行的还有刘某几位朋友。推杯换盏间,刘某朋友徐某看陈女士光吃菜不喝酒,便给陈女士倒了一杯啤酒敬陈女士,陈女士称自己从不喝酒,没想到徐某并不相信并再三鼓动陈女士喝酒,陈女士仍坚持不喝,徐某一怒之下,掏出一张百元大钞,称陈女士若把杯中酒喝了,钱就是她的了,桌上好友也纷纷鼓动陈女士喝酒,看着红彤彤的钞票,经受不了诱惑的陈女士于是把酒喝了,顺手将钱揣进了包包。令人哭笑不得的是,晚饭后陈女士碰到徐某,徐某竟要陈女士将中午打赌喝酒给的100元还给他,陈女士自然不肯,说徐某自己给的为啥又不认账,于是两人发生争执,这时刘某正好经过,了解情况后便帮陈女士说话,说徐某一个男人怎么愿赌不服输,徐某一听火冒三丈,便将火撒到刘某身上,对着刘某就是一拳,刘某不甘示弱一脚踢向徐某,于是两人开始打起来了,陈女士看情形不对遂报警。了解详情后民警对刘某,徐某进行了劝解,对陈女士见钱喝酒无原则无底线的行为进行了批评,并建议陈女士将钱还给徐某。同时对刘某,徐某的冲动行为也进行了批评教育。三人均无异议,并表示因酒误事,以后一定少喝酒。相关的主题文章: