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The Mid Autumn Festival with "spare tire" driving their own car for Sohu, tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, I believe a lot of friends today or is now embarked on a homeward journey, of course, or your own car the most convenient. Whether you want to go home to bring a variety of gifts to their parents, or 35 friends about self driving travel, choose their own car can be a variety of problems to be solved. But the long journey on the road, it is inevitable to encounter a small breakdown of the tire, if you encounter a temporary need to change the tire, we have been waiting for others to help you? This old driver taught you yourself with steps of changing a tire, and I hope to you tomorrow and future travel help. Be sure to park your car in a safe place! Does not affect the normal driving of other cars, but also to protect their safety. Choose a flat, hard position on the ground, and, of course, be careful not to stop at the corner. To the parking brake parking, automatic car hanging hand car hanging in the P block, 1 block or reverse the flame. After stopping the car, remove the warning triangle, placed behind the car 50 meters away the best, to remind the car to the direction of the vehicle, to prevent the occurrence of the accident two. The old driver remind you in the rain and fog weather or low visibility at night, warning signs should be placed in the 150 meters away. Before going off to observe the traffic situation, to determine the safety of the car can be taken out before the vehicle, including jack, socket wrench, etc.. To take out the spare tire, the majority of the car spare tire are installed in the trunk floor below the general vehicle tools also put in here. The first general check the spare tire pressure, if you can keep a portable tyre pressure meter is the best, if not, can be erected up the spare tire "bomb" two, to determine whether the tire is enough. In general, according to the weight of different vehicles and load, tire pressure is generally 2.22.6bar up and down. When the spare tire maintenance, spare tyre pressure should be higher up, give yourself some room for adjustment. The lower edge of the car body side there will be a small triangle, we suggest that when the car side operation over the bottom, top and bottom of the jack to find the corresponding position. Fixed a good Jack, you can try to start the car slowly, the first few to be particularly careful to observe whether it is stable. After completely from the top to take out the spare tire in the car bottom beam, in case of failure of the car is still wary of Jack to support, not completely collapse. Note that the rim should be upward, so as not to scratch. First use the jack to lift the car after a little to reduce the weight of the tire, such as the suspension was lifted a certain distance, the tire has not yet left the ground, you can begin to loosen the screws. Loosen the screws when using the tool in the socket wrench, remember the "left to the right," the rules. The beginning may be a bit tight, can be used on the way afterburner. Tire should also pay attention to a little, that is, do not put a screw in one breath, but in accordance with the order of the turn of the turn of the screw. Screw the screw must comply with the above sequence, and to a repeated tightening, can not be a screw in one breath, it is likely to lead to uneven wheel tilt. Just put!相关的主题文章: