The Ministry of Civil Affairs the poor relief personnel centralized support standard is 6385 yuan pe-g-area meru

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: the poor relief personnel centralized support standard is 6385 yuan per year – Jiang Wei of vice director of Beijing Beijing in October 25, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Division of social assistance said today that the current national average living standard of poor relief personnel, centralized support is 6385 yuan per year, decentralized support is 4844 yuan per year. 25, 2009, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference, issued the focus of the work of the civil affairs in the three quarter and the next step of work arrangements, and a reporter asked. At the meeting, a reporter asked: can you introduce the current standard for China rescue destitute persons is what? Are there any new measures to support the development of standards? Jiang Wei responded, "at present, the rural poor relief personnel to support the standard", the State Council document No. 14 made a reform and innovation of the standard, the past is to support the standard designated to support the way, one is to support the standard, the other is a decentralized support standard. The document No. 14 requires the Ministry of civil affairs to support standards to develop in accordance with the requirements. At present, the national average standard of support is concentrated in 6385 yuan per year, decentralized support is $4844 per year. Tianjin is the highest concentration of standard support, now reached 17183 yuan per capita, the lowest is Guizhou, currently only $4250. The highest standard of decentralized support is Shanghai, the annual per capita 13800 yuan, the lowest is Guizhou Province, the annual per capita is only $2726, which is the situation in rural areas. Jiang Wei said that the city of the past "three noes" into the main city residents inside the full minimum plus Shi Bao classification, the city residents average national standard is 473 yuan per person per month, the highest is 880 yuan in Shanghai City, for example, generally full minimum average of 473 yuan, and then on this basis, to improve the general thirty percent, this is the city classification of social security standards. 14 documents on the reform of the standard, according to the requirements of the requirements of the standard, which reflects the fine relief, the concept of differentiated services. Document No. 14 standard clearly, poor staff support standard includes two parts, one part is the basic standard of living, the second part is the standard of care, because these people are elderly, disabled, minors, they need others to provide care for him. Jiang Wei pointed out that in terms of basic living standards, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Based on years of practical experience in guaranteeing work, made clear guidance. Can refer to the local per capita consumption expenditure, per capita disposable income, or minimum standards, a certain proportion of these three to determine. But the Ministry of Civil Affairs raised a minimum requirement, in general, not less than 1.3 times the minimum standard. Why do you ask that? Because these three types of object, if it is poor, is the part of the class object Sportak, in nutritional requirements, in life care, including medical needs, there is more demand than the general minimum target. Therefore, the Ministry of civil affairs in the basic living standards can not be lower than the local minimum standard 1.3 times. As for how to develop care service standards, Jiang Wei said, according to the first standard of care for destitute persons life.相关的主题文章: