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The mobile phone industry "life without love"   the naked eye 3D to the rescue, communication channel, mobile phone industry original title: "life without love" the naked eye 3D to the rescue at home, do not have to wear 3D glasses, the mobile phone can easily watch high-definition video content 3D? Naked eye 3D mobile phone market, is making the scene become a reality. Recently, in the domestic smart mobile phone market, the naked eye 3D has become a focus in the industry. Experts believe that with the technology matures, the naked eye 3D is expected to become the new "blue ocean" to drive the mobile phone market growth, but some of the bottlenecks currently facing the industry can not be ignored. The naked eye 3D mobile phone market into a new selling point for many people like to watch 3D movies, the future may no longer see 3D movie in the cinema that wear glasses and other auxiliary equipment, as long as the 3D enjoy realistic visual effects with your mobile phone will be able to enjoy the "pocket whenever and wherever possible, the 3D theater." Recently, Shanghai wide communication technology Co., starting to raise the naked eye 3D CRE.Z in the Taobao mobile phone. According to the wide communication to deputy general manager Xu Tingyu introduction, CRE.Z naked eye 3D mobile phone is regarded by the world wide cloud (Shanghai) to provide technical support to Digital Technology Co. Ltd., LC grating screen equipped with web cloud as the independent design and development, can the user immersion is more intense. As the intelligent mobile phone main openhole 3D concept, taking into account the different environment in daily use of mobile phone, CRE.Z mobile phone equipped with 2D 3D intelligent switching technology. Users in their daily use, 2D mode can easily browse the APP, read the text; and switch to the 3D, the 3D image will be built through the intelligent image adjustment algorithm, the comfortable 3D screen output to the screen. Rich 3D content is the key to attract users. Xu Tingyu said that in order to enable consumers to easily access to their favorite 3D content, wide communication is working with the industry to engage in a 3D content transformation and content distribution companies to discuss cooperation. They can use their own transformation technology 2D will be changed into 3D content to adapt to the naked eye 3D screen viewing, and can provide distributed applications on the platform, users get a different game, whenever and wherever possible the film and application of naked eye 3D content. In addition to wide communication, in recent years, the domestic smart mobile phone market, there are a number of manufacturers announced its entry into the naked eye 3D mobile phone market. Last September, PPTV cohesion is the first to introduce a naked eye 3D PP· in the mobile phone industry; King7s, known as the "pocket 3D cinema", with about 300 3D sources through the PPTV application. In February this year, TCL also launched a naked eye 3D and VR function of the new idol4. mobile phone and not long ago, Shenzhen chaoduowei technology also announced the launch of its first mobile phone Super D full display D1, 2D, 3D, VR can achieve three display free switching mode, the naked eye 3D effects to allow consumers to experience the traditional mobile phone cannot the viewing experience. According to CRE.Z technology partners world wide cloud view (Shanghai) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. President Liu Zhutou相关的主题文章: