The month is very important to do this, mom! Sohu –

The month is very important to do this, mom! Sohu – Summer maternal confinement, really annoying. But the baby has been born, can not be put back. Don’t worry, summer summer tips, learn, let your summer month still comfortably and happily! What is the name of the month "confinement"? In fact, medicine refers to the puerperium. The puerperium mainly refers to the end of the maternal body recovery from childbirth to pre pregnancy condition for a period of time. In normal pregnancy, the fetus and placenta, uterus will be recovered, the wound healed completely the placenta takes about six weeks, so we put the puerperium to six weeks postpartum, that is six weeks from the fetus after this time is called postpartum puerperium, folk commonly known as "confinement". How important is the confinement in confinement, is actually a process of recovery of the reproductive system of the mother. Recovery is not good, will affect the maternal health. Prenatal pregnant women bear the nutritional needs of fetal growth and development, the mother of the various systems will be a series of adaptation to change. Uterine muscle cells hypertrophy, proliferation, longer, the burden of the heart increased, the burden of the lungs will also increase, the gestational period of the kidney is also slightly increased, the increase in the thickness of the ureter, muscle tension decreased, decreased peristalsis. Others such as endocrine, skin, bone, bone joints, ligaments will be changed accordingly. Postpartum fetal childbirth, maternal organs will return to the prenatal state. The uterus, vagina, perineal wound will heal, shrink the uterus, diaphragmatic drops, cardiac rehabilitation, pull the loose skin, joints and ligaments will return to normal. The shape, position and function can be restored, depends on the maternal confinement nursed back to health care. If the proper maintenance, recovered rapidly, and no trouble; if the slightest mistake, recuperation Shiyi, restored slowly. Moreover, the "confinement" of this time is "an eventful year, maternal puerperal infection, mastitis, uterine prolapse, and other accessory phlogistic serious threat to maternal health disease, can occur during this period of time. At the same time, a lot of folk "confinement" stereotypes, will also bring confusion and stress for pregnant women. The basic considerations of confinement, the rest 1 assure to eat good delivery for pregnant women caused by extreme tiredness, so the first thing after childbirth is to let maternal sleep, don’t bother her family. Get enough sleep, eat nutritious and easy to digest food, and drink plenty of water. "Confinement" and breastfeeding should eat high nutrition, high calorie, digestible food, in order to promote the body recover quickly and ensure a sufficient amount of milk. 2 get out of bed as soon as possible, in general, the normal vaginal delivery of maternal birth in second days should get out of bed. But be careful not to catch cold and avoid the cold wind blowing. Can also be under the guidance of medical staff, every day to do some simple exercises or postpartum gymnastics, is conducive to recovery, and maintain a good shape. After 1 weeks, the mother can do a little more housework, but the duration should not be too long, remember not to do heavy physical activity, otherwise easy to lure相关的主题文章: