The most expensive land tide spread to the three or four line of the city of Foshan once the most ex-ca1805

The most expensive land tide spread to the three or four line of the city of Foshan once the most expensive land prices rose a Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! King of the driving effect on prices, not just in the first tier cities. The tide is the most expensive land from the first and the four dragons spread to some developed city, three or four line city economic zone. In the most expensive land tide driven and forced, the city housing prices will rise, Foshan has become the typical case of Wang Chaozhong shares. King of beneficiaries after 160 rounds of bidding, in September 7th Vanke to the total price of 1 billion 800 million, the premium rate of 218%, Foshan, Shunde, a new town land. Vanke in Foshan, 11 thousand yuan per square meter of floor price, more than the record, the United States real estate this year, the unit price record, the price of Shunde Metro to become the king of the fourth. The industry believes that Vanke photographed Foshan king, Shunde Metro prices in the land of the king, is likely to be pulled on a new level again. It is understood that the Foshan Vanke in Shunde Metro is the most expensive land surrounding, Hengshun square, JOYOU garden and Binjiang poly Vanke golden multiple projects. The auction in Foshan for the most expensive land Vanke, is one of the beneficiaries of this year in Foshan, the most expensive land Chaozhong. According to the monitoring data of Foshan Sina Locke, Vanke golden mile in Foshan called Binjiang real estate, a rising trend. In February this year, Binjiang’s starting price of 13 thousand yuan per square meter, in May the average price has risen to 18 thousand and 500 yuan per square meter. Although a large increase in the short term, but the price is still rising in Foshan Vanke Real estate. Sina Locke Foshan data show that in September the real estate 2 of the average price has risen to 20 thousand yuan per square meter, up 7000 yuan per square meter in February compared with the price of 13 thousand yuan. It is worth noting that, in Foshan, a substantial rise in the property market, and the Foshan round of the king beat the beat almost the same. And the close relationship between the king and the sale of new houses, you can see from this case one or two. In January 22nd this year, the era of real estate’s wholly owned subsidiary of investment era Hongtai spend 6 billion 400 million yuan, the floor price of 15 thousand and 200 yuan square meters, set a new record for Foshan floor price. The era of real estate sold Foshan double queen soon, Foshan Vanke Golden Mile Binjiang kicked off this year housing prices in March. This year, however, flour bread too expensive, the floor price of the floor of the house over the screen, staged a number of times in Foshan. And every shot in Foshan Wang, Vanke in Foshan, the price of real estate will be almost all the sales price to varying degrees. Wang was taken to the king of the house prices to drive, not just Foshan. Tianjin is listed as a second tier cities this year, driven by the king of the land, the price rise is quite obvious. Tianjin District of Wuqing Xin Yuan, Tang Quan family house, is a typical case of the most expensive land was forced to bring up the. Sohu focus monitoring data, is located in Tianjin District of Wuqing Xin Yuan, in May this year on the font family相关的主题文章: