The movie strange big Xiangxi flower robbery on Zhou Hui served as executive director –

The movie "strange big Xiangxi flower robbery" on Zhou Hui served as executive director – Sohu "big Xiangxi entertainment flower weird robbery" is a film produced by ATV studios in Xiangxi, "strange flower robbery" in this movie, Chinese American youth Meng Xiaocheng Chinese to travel to Xiangxi, he went to visit this beautiful and the mysterious place with Shen Congwen’s "border town". Meng Xiaocheng is an outdoor sports enthusiasts and martial arts enthusiasts, have rich experience in outdoor survival and exploration spirit, so he came to a map almost can not see the Tujia village, is the place where he found in Google maps, Chinese most senior tour pal doesn’t know this place. A magpie called the black car drivers mistakenly hit mistakenly sent him to here, two people became enemy because the fare. Beautiful natural scenery and let the town and village culture. Live in a small town empty for many years in the B & B, Tujia village, has a lot of totem and strange strange events…… Referred to the Hunan Xiangxi, everyone will have a feeling of horror, mystery, to understand the mysterious but not explore, director Zhou Hui to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, 2016 will be carefully introduced "weird Xiangxi" series of network movie. Director Zhou Hui was born in 1972 in Hunan, Miluo, 18 years old to join the army, engaged in the film screenings and political propaganda work in the armed forces, the filming of the military life reported. After retirement has been engaged in film and television industry, the film and television editing, guidance, photography, the system has a wealth of experience, has served CCTV Fire channel southern reporter. In 2007, when the Guangdong provincial television director (director Zhang Zhongyi of the Three Kingdoms) under the guidance of teachers, help directed drama "television story", "sunshine", "family affairs"; from 2010 to 2016, personally directed the movie "choice", "return", "strange fairy the Xiangxi flower robbery" by many love. The total film producer, Huayu ATV Pictures Limited Director {Shenzhen}. "Weird Xiangxi" series is a modern version of network movie thriller strange set, divided into "robbery", "flower", "vampire" reincarnation of the three season. The "flower". As the first quarter work, according to the Xiangxi flower hole female legend to photography, film shows some unmarried women in the tribe, no life could be entrusted to the people found in the marriageable age, have a similar depression disease, entered the state of an obsession, many ordinary people won’t listen to reason what film will be a step by step takes you into the strange, horror, Horror Picture, surprised and felt frightened off at..相关的主题文章: