The murderer Tan Zhuo Zhang Yi also talk about filming once is not

"The murderer" Tan Zhuo Zhang Yi also talk about filming "a lack of" Tencent entertainment news September 12th, directed by "sun burning heart" director Cao Baoping’s another masterpiece "hunt" suspense also held a press conference in Beijing, the director and starring Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Tan Zhuo, Wang Ziwen attended the activity. Tan Zhuo was wearing a long white shirt, black hair and red lips, a waist, strong woman full range of children. In the film Tan Zhuo’s infatuation Miss cabaret Ping, and Zhang Yi as the killer chicken son is a pair of lovers. At the press conference, said Tan Zhuo and Zhang Yi are working together for the first time, the first scene is the new director of the passion play, free play in the case without a script to let two people, in this case, two people unexpectedly Peigemoqi, therefore very appreciate each other. Zhang Yi also said that Tan Zhuo and filming "once is not enough". The conference, starring in the film exposed two couples each have a passion play. As in the "run" couple, Tan Zhuo didn’t enter the group before the first partner Zhang Yi to inquire into another couple Duan Bowen and Wang Ziwen passion play scene scale is very large, but also in the cold outside, so let Tan Zhuo prepare in advance. Unexpectedly, two people working together for the first time, a meeting was arranged a passion play director. Tan Zhuo revealed that the scene is not the original script, two people’s passion play is entirely free to play, did not think two people had not familiar accident first cooperation tacit understanding, so that the director is very satisfied with the performance of. Compared with another couple of passion play, Tan Zhuo and Zhang Yi is "hot" in many indoor wearing fur, and Zhang Yi quipped: even without taking off socks. For the cooperation of the two, Zhang Yi summed up the "once enough" and "shy" Tan Zhuo also echo. Tan Zhuoyin starred in director Lou Ye’s movie "spring fever in Cannes" best actress debut, has been in the works of many movies shine, is being hailed as the "literary film goddess". In recent years, and the drama director Stan Lai cooperation "dream dream" also add to Tan Zhuo’s thick and heavy in colours of a career. "Go" showbiz Tan Zhuo has been in his career "progress", "Lotus", "over the years Hello tree" starring Tan Zhuo and Mr. works have been nominated for international awards, Tan Zhuo also proved a steady working state. The former director Cao Baoping’s "Xing also", Tan Zhuo is also trying to break through the self in different types and the director’s work, seeking to promote. Cao Baoping is good at shooting the crime theme of subversion in the past, to bring a new surprise to the audience. Talking about the new "murderer" is the film director Cao Baoping said, unlike previous gangster movie, is not serious, fun, simple and vivid black humor, as well as a tribute to his first movie "glorious anger". For the quality and prospects of the film, Cao guide confident: I am very sure, no problem." It is reported that the film "hunt" also scheduled September 14th during the Mid Autumn Festival "never let go, touch screens". (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: