The new BMW 5 Series Travel Edition – released early next year

The new BMW 5 Series Travel Edition – released early next year Phoenix Automotive News recently, overseas media captured a group of new BMW new 5 Series wagon version of the road test spy, based on CLAR platform to build, its wheelbase increased, but its mass was reduced by about 100 kg. It is reported that the new car will debut at the beginning of next year. Appearance, as can be seen from the dish, ordinary cars released 5 travel version of the 5 series of face shape and the forthcoming opening this month at the end of the Paris auto show on the face of the highly consistent, but compared to the current 5 Series cars, car headlights shape were adjusted, the bumper is also a new design. New car and BMW 7 Series sharing CLAR build platform, its wheelbase has been further increased, improve the ride comfort of the rear passenger, while the trunk volume has also been improved. But thanks to a large number of high strength lightweight alloy material application, car servicing quality reduced 100 kg. Power, the new car will be the power system and 5 line sharing, in addition to the conventional self suction engine, the turbocharged engine will also configure a small displacement, in addition, the new car is expected to be the first time in the xDrive 5 Series sedan version of the four-wheel drive system, which will greatly enhance the car’s dynamic performance. More new car news, please pay attention to the follow-up reports phoenix. Spy photos and news clues for e-mail: diezhao#ifeng (#=@), welcome to contact us, once adopted, will be rewarded.相关的主题文章: