The Nobel prize in economics tomorrow announced the four economists maximum odds

The Nobel prize in economics tomorrow the four economists your best U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant source: WeChat (public No. China Financial Forum forty) according to the plan, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Nobel prize committee will announce the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Economics in Beijing time 17:45 on October 10th. In the era of "negative interest rate" in the world, which or which economists will be awarded the 2016 Nobel prize in economics for their contribution to the development of modern economics? Thomson Reuters forecast: three economists nominated every year in late September, to provide professional information services under the banner of the Shang Tang Sen Reuters intellectual property and Technology Department will publish the annual citation laureate Award (Citation Laureates) list, and according to the list of prediction in the year or the near future may have won the Nobel Prize for scientific elite. Since 2002, nearly thirty citation laureate won the Nobel prize. This year, according to Thomson Reuters data, the Oliver – economics laureate economist 2016 citation award to three in the United States Blanchard (Olivier Blanchard), Edward Lazear (Edward Lazear) and Mark Liz (Marc Melitz) – mei. The French Oliver – Blanchard at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Ph.D. has taught at Harvard University and MIT, the Chinese American [0.00%] Washington senior fellow, Pedersen Institute for International Economics MIT economics professor, and served as the International Monetary Fund in the worst economic crisis in 2008 to 2015 years (IMF) chief economist. Oliver – Blanchard is the economist of the new economics of the Neo – Confucian School of macroeconomics, and his work "macroeconomics" has become the classic textbook chosen by many economic schools in the world. Olivier – Blanchard Thomson Reuters believes that Olivier – Blanchard has been recognized for its valuable contribution to macroeconomics, most likely to receive the Nobel prize in economics in 2016, the decision factors of the contribution mainly concentrated in economic fluctuations and employment. Familiar with wood…… Hoover, senior research fellow, Standford School of business professor Edward Lazear and Harvard University economics professor Mark – Mei Liz selected 2016 annual citation laureate Thomson Reuters the grounds were on the unique development in the field of personnel management "and" for enterprise heterogeneity and international trade’s groundbreaking description". Edward – Mark – Mei Mei New York University, leak: Romer has been "booking" Nobel Prize? According to Thomson Reuters forecast, macro economics become the winning the highest voice field. But a statement posted on the website of the Stern School of business at the New York University (NYU) on 6 may indicate that an economist, who has repeatedly said that mainstream macroeconomics has gone into a dead end, may be at least $1相关的主题文章: