The number of drivers for the emergency Lane accident rescue vehicles blocked 1 hours of

The number of drivers for the emergency Lane accident rescue vehicles blocked sleep 1 hours original title: emergency Lane occupied rescue vehicles were trapped 1 hours of Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ma Zhiya Gao Qixuan) high-speed emergency lane is also known as the life channel, but the early morning of October 4th, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed Xuzhou section there were more cars illegal occupation of the emergency Lane behavior. The police will deal with the accident and blocking at high speed. In October 4th, because of heavy fog in Xuzhou section of Beijing Shanghai Expressway to implement special control, at 3 pm, a large truck and a car collision accident in the uplink k715 kilometers, with seven high-speed Police Brigade accident rescue personnel rushed to the scene. The accident dealt with high-speed police driving a police car accident vehicle, found in front of the emergency Lane occupied by a row of cars, completely blocked. Accident Police anxious, then received another accident, the police had to ask for support, arrange special police to ease. Arrived at the police support, found that the occupation of the emergency Lane vehicle occupants, mostly in the car was the police managed to wake them up one by one, then the police point to divert, it took a long time to guiding the vehicle out through the emergency lane. For the occupation of the emergency lane, many drivers shouted bend, the car driver Zhang told the police, there are nine months pregnant pregnant women in his car, he explained his wife really blocked high-speed suffocates, he wants to take up the emergency Lane convenience, result oneself not only stuck in the emergency lane, to rescue the rear of the vehicle is also blocked in the back. The car driver Zhou told the police on the eighty year old grandmother on his car, to the two-year-old son, and a pregnant six months pregnant, was good with one family to play the south, but too early to come back on the road traffic jam, the fog one family held uncomfortable, accounted for by the emergency Lane, the result is blocked in more anxious. Although the drivers are given a variety of interpretations, non emergency occupation life channel, not only to bring their own convenience, but the rear rescue vehicles blocked for more than an hour delay, accident treatment, inconvenience to everyone. Finally, according to the law in accordance with the law of the public emergency emergency Lane occupied by the behavior of 200 yuan fine of $6. Considering the number of vehicles in the elderly, pregnant women, long time may be blocked high-speed out of danger, the police used police bring them back to the brigade rest. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: