The Olympic champion is arrogant! Zhang Changning, 28, together with the cover of foreign aid Gong X-verbal jint

The Olympic champion is arrogant! Zhang Changning Gong Xiangyu force 28 points cover foreign aid Jiangsu women’s volleyball team sina sports season China Women Volleyball League match stars, not only has three new Olympic champion Jiangsu team, Shanghai team and the two high level of foreign aid. In the powerful dialogue between Zhang Changning and the stars shine, together cut off the 28 points, completely overwhelmed by the Shanghai team’s foreign aid, showing the Olympic champion’s style of the two. Jiangsu team is the runner up last season, Shanghai is the third, are called the high level of the domestic league of the two teams. The Jiangsu team has the main players Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu three Rio Olympic champion, Shanghai team has the 2011-2012 Champions League best offensive prize winner Pawan and 2014-2015 Champions League best spiker Javier Kurkovva, the strength is also very strong. Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu, two Olympic champions PK two bar high level guns, quite eye-catching. However, the game was surprising, the whole game Jiangsu team completely suppressed the Shanghai team, did not meet what difficulty, with a 3-0 victory. Pawanben game of the season like sleepwalking, first attack scoreless game offense only scored 6 points, plus serve 1 points, a total of only 7 points. Javier Kurkovva became the only bright spot in the Shanghai team, the other offensive comprehensive misfiring situation, almost single handedly shouldered the burden of the offense, the game got 12 points, the offense scored 10 points, 2 points serve. The main reason is the Shanghai defeat Jiangsu team serve too strong, Diao Linyu, Gong Xiangyu and Zhang Changning three strong serve round repeateddestruction Shanghai team a pass, almost organization is not an effective attack. The two sides in the pad part of a big difference, plus Zhang Changning take a lot of difficult ball, Gong Xiangyu attack a very high success rate, Wang Chenyue’s block better, the Jiangsu team in the online complete suppression of Shanghai team. Zhang Changning got 12 points, Gong Xiangyu got a score of two, the combined efforts of the team scored a total of 28 points, accounting for the team scored a total of 52.82% active. The Shanghai team two foreign aid was a total of 19 points, was completely suppressed by the Olympic champion of the two. Zhang Changning also assume the main task of the team received the service, the performance is relatively stable, the two defense is also stronger than the opposite of the two foreign aid. From this single game, their performance to win the match. Of course, the Jiangsu team beat Shanghai team, also benefited from the reasonable setter Diao Linyu organization, Wang Chenyue font excellent block, free exhibition several brilliant saves. The Shanghai team is not only the net completely at a disadvantage, too many mistakes in the first pass, defensive, setter etc, did not play their due level. The value of Zhang Changning is responsible for a considerable number of offensive and defensive, a difficult ball and adjust the attack, do more dirty work. Gong Xiangyu is the offensive efficiency is high, less mistakes, scoring more. The two is indeed the Olympic champion, played a high level, if the Jiangsu team can continue this momentum, this season will be a strong contender for the championship. (ice and snow season)相关的主题文章: