The opening of the thirty year literature exhibition of Chinese Performing

China’s thirty year performance art exhibition opened in November 3, 2016 at around 4 p.m., the Chinese art of literature exhibition of the opening of the year thirty. The exhibition is sponsored by the China Minsheng Bank, Beijing Minsheng Museum of Contemporary Art, Peking University vision and image research center, Professor Zhu Qingsheng served as curator of the exhibition. By the way of literature, the exhibition conducts a systematic academic review of the thirty years of the development of Chinese performance art. Deputy director of the center for visual studies, Peking University Teng Yuning presided over the opening ceremony of the exhibition exhibition in 2014, Chinese art criticism foundation and Wuhan Diamond Museum of art and Peking University Modern Art History Archives (CMAA) cooperation in Shennongjia, "30 years" Chinese behavior art symposium held, and published the "China behavior art". After the meeting, the members of the team also carried out a number of workshops and thematic adjustments, and has been engaged in the research and behavior of all aspects of the art of experts to supplement, revise and revise. These works constitute the basis for the exhibition, and the exhibition presents a stage of academic achievements. In 2014, after the development of the new situation and new materials of behavioral art, due to the time, the investigation is under way, and will continue to be supplemented, published and exhibited in the near future. Relevant content of Beijing people’s livelihood Museum of Contemporary Art curator Zhou Xujun speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition curator, Professor Zhu Qingsheng of Peking University director Jia Fangzhou introduced the exhibition and Chinese art thirty years history of the development of the academic committee of the opening ceremony of the exhibition China behavior art thirty years literature exhibition "the exhibition from 1980 to 2014 art major activities, including 41 representative graphic material, behavior art thirty annual table and part of literature. In contemporary art history is an important exhibition series of Minsheng Art Museum, had already hosted 30 years of painting, image 20 years project, this exhibition is one of them, but also continue to open to the future of a series of activities. I hope this archive and historical research can provide a reference for the academic and artistic circles. The exhibition will be November 3, 2016 – February 16, 2017. During the exhibition will also be held lectures and discussion activities to enable the public to better access to and understanding of China’s behavioral art. Part of the exhibition to enjoy相关的主题文章: