The Premier League – Manchester United 1-3 Waterford 3 game losing streak, rush to the Savior-avbox

The Premier League – Manchester United 1-3 Waterford 3 game losing streak, the main break here would rush to save the main Tencent in September 18th sports news Beijing time on the night of September 18th, the 2016-17 Premier League season, the fifth round, Manchester United away 1 3 lost to Waterford, two three defeats. Kape, Dini Zuniga and build a power, united by a draw, rush. A week ago in the Premier League and the Europa League Manchester United suffered a double two game losing streak, this time against Waterford, they need to restore the decline. The United Front by Ibrahimovic Ford, rush replaced Mata first, Rooney, Marshall debut, Fellaini and bogeba double waist. The back of the line, Bailey and Smolin partner Luke Shaw and Valencia defender, left and right, goalkeeper or David De Gea. The opening second minutes, Rooney free kick, Smolin header wide of the left post outside. Tenth minutes, Kape free kick to the point, Prodl ferry heading to the left post area, Modigliani follow up half a step slow, failed to get the chance to play buddhism. Thirteenth minutes, David De Gea attack and Smolin collided dropped the ball, Ighalo mianduikongmen but unbelievable Shepian, Manchester escape. Seventeenth minutes, Yang Matt right pass, Dini header saved by David De Gea Shen yong. Twenty-first minutes, rush, fast break right flat ball, Ibrahimovic after the attack the door in the side of the net. Thirty-first minutes, get rid of the ball Fellaini Road, bogeba – into the area after a sudden fall, but hit the crossbar. A minute later, Rooney pass in the right corner, before the point at the top side by smolin. Kape broke the horse Charles is off the ball foul referee to ignore the thirty-fourth minute of the match, Marshall britos on the right from the ball, Jan Matt broke into the restricted area of the inverted triangle return, Kape follow up shot, the ball was David De Gea blocked still drill net, Waterford 1 to 0 lead Manchester United, this is Karp’s fourth goal of the season now. The goal in steals, Marshall injured Ashley young was subsequently replaced. Fortieth minutes, Ashley young left the ball, Luke Shaw broke into the restricted area of small angle of attack door was blocked. Forty-fifth minutes, Ho Eli Vaz free kick by David De Gea puzhu. At the end of the first half of 0 to 1 behind Waterford united. What’s with the ibran tearing direction would alert tongshe forty-seventh minutes, Ibrahimovic shot wide of the left post outside. Sixty-second minutes, Ibrahimovic road and Ford made wall kicking with the rush into the left the restricted area pass, rush, Qiangdian header is not the top, but the ball was hit on Behrami under the Spring Rush, rush shot, Manchester leveled the score 1 to 1 level. Seventy-sixth minutes, Ibrahimovic free kick was under the wall. Seventy-ninth minutes, Fellaini cross restricted Ibrahimovic’s header saved by Gomes Shen yong. After a minute, Pogba long-range hit fly. Eighty-third minutes, Amulabate right away straight pass, Parreira restricted the right triangle near the bottom line return, just coming off the bench Zuniga outflanking hit the bottom left corner. Zuniga made the point Modigliani hit ninety-third minutes, Seth broke into the restricted area on the left side of the ball Sirk, Zuniga turned over by the Fellaini trip, referee decisive penalty)相关的主题文章: