The prosecution alleged disinformation account in favor of KFC 8 legged chicken sexhu

The prosecution alleged disinformation account in favor of KFC: 8 legged chicken original title: 10 WeChat sued the public reputation infringement Kentucky awarded 600 thousand yuan newspaper news (reporter correspondent Ma Chao Yao History) KFC uses 6 wings and 8 legs "chicken"? "Cooked chicken has live maggots"? It was widely circulated in WeChat’s circle of friends that KFC was so upset that the 10 WeChat public numbers were chosen to go to court. The day before, the Xuhui District court of the reputation infringement case verdict, the three companies 10 WeChat public number attached to the face not only the compensation of 600 thousand yuan, also need to be in the news portal section of apology. Many people’s friends circle or micro-blog turned around. "My friend’s father was a senior leader of a bank. He was lucky enough to visit KFC’s chicken farm, and found that every chicken had 6 wings and 8 legs, and they were all filled with tubes……" Such an article. The title of the article mentioned above, which just happened last night, is now out of date, so please inform your family!! ", pointed out that the supply of KFC chicken food not only for hormone and chicken, no hair and a plurality of wings, a chicken leg. Plagued by KFC, a petition will three companies suspected of disinformation WeChat account to court, and requires 3 million 500 thousand yuan compensation 10. But the defendant argued that the draw public attention in terms of food safety, then forwarded the article involved, no change, exaggerated, has no intention of infringement and the fault, the similar article also forwarded a lot in other network and mobile media, the defendant has no fault and intentional tort. After the court hearing that the three defendants in the facts are not sure whether the real situation of the article involved many existing fabricated facts, and verbal slander, defamation of KFC business reputation and the reputation of the product, to ignore the attitude, there are obvious mistakes, already constitute infringement, directly caused the social evaluation reduce and serious personality damage, leading to loss of property interests. Finally, the court decided to apologize to the three defendants in the front page of the news portal of the mainstream portal, and decided to compensate the plaintiff’s economic losses and reasonable rights protection costs 600 thousand yuan as appropriate. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

肯德基起诉涉嫌造谣账号胜诉:无8条腿怪鸡   原标题:状告10个微信公众号侵犯名誉权 肯德基获赔60万元   本报讯 (记者 史耀可 通讯员 马 超)肯德基使用6个翅膀8条腿的“怪鸡”?“烤熟的鸡肉有活蛆”?曾在微信朋友圈广为流传的说法,令肯德基不胜其扰,最终选择将10个微信公众号告上法庭。日前,徐汇区法院对这起名誉侵权案件作出一审判决,10个微信公众号所隶属的三家公司不仅面临着60万元的赔偿,还需要在门户网站的新闻版块进行赔礼道歉。   许多人的朋友圈或微博中疯转过“我朋友的父亲是某银行的一个高层领导,他有幸参观了肯德基的养鸡场,发现每只鸡有6个翅膀8条腿,身上全被插满管子……”这样的文章。上述文章还加上标题――《昨晚刚发生的,现在事情严重了才播出来,赶紧通知家人吧!!》,指出肯德基所供应的鸡肉食品不仅为激素鸡,而且为没有毛和多个翅膀、多个腿的怪鸡。   深受困扰的肯德基,一纸诉状将三家公司10个涉嫌造谣的微信账号告上法庭,并要求350万元赔偿。但被告辩称,其从提醒公众注意食品安全的角度,才转发了涉案文章,也无更改、夸大,不具有侵权的故意和过错,类似的文章在其他网络及移动媒体上也大量转发,被告不具有侵权故意和过错。   法院经过审理后认为,三被告在并不确定文章所写事实是否真实的情况下,对涉案文章中多处存在凭空捏造的事实,以及诋毁、诽谤肯德基商业信誉、产品声誉的言辞,采取置之不理态度,存在明显的过错,已经构成侵权,直接造成原告社会评价降低和严重的人格损害,进而导致财产利益的损失。最终,法院判决三被告在主流门户网站新闻版块首页的显著位置赔礼道歉,并酌情确定赔偿原告经济损失及合理维权费用60万元。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: