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The "red flag" in West hit Lu Dongmei edition direct assertiveness – Sohu entertainment Lv Yi stills Lv Yi plays Liang Dongmei Sohu entertainment — the major theme of revolutionary history drama "red flag manjuan West" is the Oriental TV hit. Since its launch, the ratings remained in the same period in the forefront of TV ratings. The young actor Lv Yi who plays Liang Dongmei, the play and her straightforward audience was jokingly called "Shaanxi specialty", its bold and forthright character loved by the audience. Lv Yi was in favor of the "Shaanxi special" interpretation of the northwest women’s friends said the tunnel is very domineering TV drama "red flag manjuan West" in the northwest revolutionary base established and revolutionary pioneer as the prototype, take the revolutionary fire fire of the country for the story line, taking Shaanxi modern revolutionary history as the background of creation, but also it means that it contains the strong Shaanxi flavor". Many actors play Shaanxi, it is the interpretation of hundreds of times, it is worth mentioning that Lv Yi is the real Chongqing girl play "Shaanxi flavor" Liang Dongmei not only have no sense of violation and more received by the audience, "Liang Dongmei’s bold, Frank true north west female man’s domineering, early appearance, Liang Dongmei was a he seized Li Zhiyuan’s ears will carry back to the home, vividly show a forthright northwest woman image. Lv Yi was praised by the audience as "Shaanxi specialty". Faith Lv Yi Liang Dongmei simply bold play live as "iron clank" in the female man, Liang Dongmei forthright not only in life, her ideal is also very strong, aspired to be a revolutionary pioneer not only on their own initiative to join the army soldier Dongmei, also mobilized bestie and together their own into the military academy study, Dongmei seemingly thick lines, but things start to clear objectives and action. After entering the military school, in the face of punishment, she never complained, in the face of learning never cried bitter. In the screen image created by Lv Yi, Liang Dongmei is a special one, a surprise to many of the audience: "love this beautiful valiant Liang Dongmei, Lv Yi very authentic interpretation." "He comes with Northern Shaanxi girl’s domineering, beautiful generous!"相关的主题文章: