The risk of being their own car driver was a retrograde rolling quarrel with others

The driver was a retrograde quarrel with others when their car insurance is the scene of the accident and the driver rolled his car insurance by rolling process. Video screenshot the scene of the accident and the driver was rolling his car insurance. Video screenshot October 1st, a driver in front of the vehicle due to congestion, take over the double yellow line occupy the opposite lane overtaking driving by car, then to "welcome" and others quarrel hot video network. In the quarrel, the driver failed to pull the handbrake, open the door to get off when the vehicle slip, causing her door was knocked down, almost crushed his car. The video after the exposure, triggering intense discussion. Now, the driver at the request of the police, have come to Traffic and patrol police brigade, for their retrograde overtaking behaviors "pay" — 3 points, a fine of 200 yuan. The driver argued the accident happened in September 30th, it is understood that the one in North Road, Jiangcheng Road, from the video posted friends can see, a long haired young woman is a man with a heated argument. In the video, the woman’s car retrograde on to the driveway, and she should be on the left side of the screen on the queue waiting for the traffic lane. The man is on the women’s retrograde Overtaking Behavior expressed strong dissatisfaction, bluntly "inserted wheels, kick the car and no quality". But the woman not only does not admit, but man and the more noise the more fierce, and the accused man blocked her driving: "people from the side, you have to go from me." In the video, there is a plot to let everyone remember. The woman in the car and men quarrel, because did not pull the handbrake, she opened the door in the car started toward the downhill slide, the woman was hiding behind the door was nearly knocked down, rolling the wheel of their car. Finally, the woman was driving her vehicle side man back to the car, it is the end of the video. The woman has to accept the police punishment in October 7th, reporters once again with the Shima River Traffic and patrol police unit made contact. The police said, through constant contact, they end up during the holidays and he made contact, Hemou that is in the field of tourism. Then the police and he agreed to the 7 day after returning to Chongqing, the first time arrived at the Shima River Traffic and patrol police brigade office reception. In accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s road traffic safety law, Hemou due to pressure over the central yellow double solid line retrograde, be fined 3 points, fined 200 yuan. Although the human search involves filled with righteous indignation, but some privacy information involves the moral and legal problem. CHEN Ye Chongqing Kang Chongqing lawyer said, netizens human flesh search driver is not appropriate, because the driver has the right to privacy as to conceal their privacy, and any other person without the consent of privacy may intervene to disclosure or use other ways and means of the privacy of others, or a the violation of the privacy act.

女司机逆行被挡驾 与人争执时险被自家车碾压 事故现场及女司机险被自家车碾压过程。 视频截图 事故现场及女司机险被自家车碾压过程。 视频截图   10月1日,一则女司机因前方车辆拥堵,采取越过双黄线占用对面车道超车驾驶,此后因被来车“挡驾”而与他人发生争吵的视频火爆网络。而在争吵过程中,这位女司机因没拉手刹,开门下车时车辆后溜,导致她被车门撞倒,险些被自己的车碾压。该视频曝出后,引发网友激烈探讨。   如今,这位女司机在警方的要求下,已来到交巡警大队,为自己逆行超车的行为“买单”——记3分,罚款200元。   女司机与人争吵出意外   据了解,事情发生在9月30日的北滨路壹江城路段,从网友发布的视频中可以看见,一名长发年轻女子正在与一名男子发生激烈争吵。在视频中,女子的轿车逆行在对向车道上,而她本应在画面左侧的车道上排队等待通行。男子也正是对女子逆行超车的行为表达强烈不满,直言“插轮子、踢车、没素质”。而那名女子不仅不认错,反而和男子越吵越凶,并指责男子“挡了她的驾”:“别人都从旁边过,你非要从我这边走。”   在视频中,有一个桥段让大家记忆深刻。那名女子在下车要和男子吵架时,因为没有拉手刹,在她开门后轿车便开始朝着下坡后溜,女子躲避不及被车门撞倒,险些被自己的轿车车轮碾压。最后,女子被她车辆副驾的男子带回到车上,视频也就此结束。   女子已接受警方处罚   10月7日,记者再次与石马河交巡警大队取得了联系。民警表示,通过不断联系,他们最终在假期期间与何某取得了联系,得知何某正在外地旅游。随后民警与何某约定7日返回重庆后,第一时间到达石马河交巡警大队队部接受处理。   按照我国道路交通安全法的相关规定,何某因压过中心黄色双实线逆行,被处以记3分,罚款200元的处罚。   虽然网友义愤填膺,但人肉搜索必然涉及一些隐私信息,牵涉道德和法律的问题。重庆康渝律师事务所陈晔律师称,网友人肉搜索女司机的方式并不妥当,因为女司机作为隐私权人有权隐瞒自己的隐私,而其他任何人未经隐私权人同意都不得以披露、利用等方式和手段对他人隐私权进行干预,否则就构成了侵犯隐私权的行为。相关的主题文章: