The Russian aircraft carrier will be sent to Syria confirmed the case of the ship combat for the fir

The Russian aircraft carrier will be sent to Syria confirmed: the case of the ship combat for the first time the original title: Russian Defense Minister has confirmed that it will be sent to Syria only aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" Syria war tight. Recently, some Russian media reports, the Russian military will next month to Syria sent only one aircraft carrier "admiral Kuznetsov", to participate in the fight against terrorist activities in syria. The day before, this news has finally been confirmed by the Russian Ministry of defense, according to the Russian satellite network reported on September 21st, the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that in order to enhance the ability of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean, plans to send aircraft carriers and "Kuznetsov" to there. This is the first time since the ship served in combat. Data figure: after the overhaul of "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier data figure: Russian Defense Minister Sergei · Shoigu Shoigu: "at present, the Russian fleet in the eastern Mediterranean group includes at least 6 warships and the entire fleet of 3-4 supply ship. In order to enhance the combat effectiveness of the fleet, we plan to make Kuznetsov aircraft carrier battle group to join." Shoigu explained: "in order to achieve their own interests and maintain peace, in 2013 we recovered at the end of last century, the withdrawal of the Russian navy in permanent troops in the eastern Mediterranean." He stressed: "I would like to remind that in 1967, stationed in the area of the Soviet fifth fighter squadron to prevent armed conflict in Arabia and Israel became an important factor in the upgrade, containment to the Soviet Union unfriendly act." Data figure: Recently, the Russian MIG -29KR aircraft by India "Dongfeng" made the test in Kuznetsov no.. Russian Naval Air Force Commander Igor · 22, in an interview with the Russian news agency said in an interview, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier will explore the Mediterranean, which will be equipped with limited weapons and all aircraft. The Division also said that the plan is ready to go to sea ready. "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier is the Soviet Union to build the aircraft carrier, the water has been 30 years, is now the flagship of the Russian northern fleet. The ship is equipped with a carrier aircraft, including the Soviet -33 fighter and the Soviet -25 attack aircraft as well as the card -27 and card -29 helicopters. The MIG -29KR fighters and -52K type helicopter is the carrier for the flight test. The Moscow Times "21 reported that Shoigu did not specify the" Kuznetsov "aircraft carrier in Syria offshore cruising and fleet and after what, only said the decision to" full fleet combat force". Reported that the Russian adventure in Syria from nearly 1 years ago, the army is basically a show of strength and live fire exercises, because this is a political goal oriented task. Russia’s defense ministry used the opportunity to defend Syria’s president, Bashar, and ·, to test a series of weapons systems that had never been tested, and now it is the turn of the number of the, which is now on the island of. Previously, in Moscow’s military and diplomatic sources of the Russian satellite network says, "the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, the period from October to January 2017 this year, from the eastern Mediterranean to participate in air strikes in Syria province.相关的主题文章: