The scientific revolution and the Joseph Needham problem sexhu

The scientific revolution and Joseph Needham Zhang Butian in the University of Cambridge Joseph Needham Institute Joseph Needham works "civilized titration: Science and society in the west" Mr. bookstore shelves, price concessions, the free mail, click on the bottom of the article read the text or press the QR code below the purchase. The scientific revolution and Joseph Needham Cohen interview with Professor Zhang Butian interview with Zhang Butian press: H· · (H. Cohen Flores; Floris Cohen) is a famous Holland science historian specializing in scientific revolution. He was born on 1946, in his early years studying history at Leiden University, 1975 – 1982 Leiden Boerhaave museum curator (MuseumBoerhaave), 1982 – 2001, Universiteit Twente professor of the history of science, December 2006 from Utrecht University professor of comparative history of science. The representative: "quantitative Music: the first stage of the scientific revolution of music science" (Quantifying Music. The Science of Music at the FirstStage of the Scientific Revolution, 1580 – 16501984), "the scientific revolution of historiography" (TheScientific Revolution. A Historiographical Inquiry, 1994), "the world of modern science is to create: how to produce" (De herschepping Van de wereld. Het ontstaan Van de modernenatuurwetenschap verklaard, 2007), "modern science to produce four kinds of civilization, a breakthrough in seventeenth Century" (HowModern Science Came Into the World. Four Civilizations, One 17th CenturyBreakthrough, 2010). One of the "re creation of the world" and "historiography of scientific revolution" has been translated into chinese. In August 2012, Professor Cohen came to Beijing for the nineteenth Beijing International Book Fair, the Holland foundation for literature and the delegation of the Belgian literary foundation. I was fortunate enough to have an interview with Professor Cohen on the subject of scientific revolution and the issue of Joseph Needham. Zhang Butian (hereinafter referred to as Zhang): Professor Cohen, you first learn social and economic history, and later turned to the history of science, in particular, the study of scientific revolution? In this one process, what is your greatest experience? Cohen: I was a student at the end of 1960s, I majored in social and economic history, but in the history of science. My doctoral dissertation discusses the history of the Holland Social Democratic Party in 1920s. In many相关的主题文章: