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The "sea" project for the domestic film festival of criminal investigation piece the way Weng Ziguang according to the major crime "Lu Rongyu No. 2682" Massacre Movie "sea Festival", the day before by the SARFT "revised agreed to take" approved by the film "riding" the blood for director Weng Ziguang served as screenwriter and directed. The "good taxuexinmei" reputation, "the sea Festival" has not successfully started to attract attention, if the real cases are well adapted to film, "sea Festival" is expected to become the movie well worth looking forward to a criminal investigation work. In December 2010, "Lu Rongyu 2682" fishing boat carrying 33 crew members to go to sea, by August 12, 2011, Chinese fishing boats back to Hong Kong when towing the ship, only 11 of the crew, which lasted nearly two years of investigation and trial, 11 were convicted of killing 22 companions. According to media reports revealed the contents of the killings initiated by some complain of high labor intensity, low income caused by the conflict in the process of the crew, the hijacked vessel, the final 11 crew and 22 crew members, killing the rebels. As a criminal story, "Lu Rongyu No. 2682 Massacre" is not a small space adaptation. Behind the tragedy, in addition to the problem of labor intensity and income, what are the other reasons, led to the killer insane, giving the film a lot of imagination. As has been the case judgment, tragedy has been clear about the killer the sequence of events, a fair trial. However, as a fictional works, the film will be based on the fact that the creation of a moderate, with a more diverse perspective to explore the causes of crime, process and results, so that the audience get more inspiration and reflection. Adaptation of criminal subjects, both easy and difficult. Easy to place that the case itself will provide a number of writers could not imagine the details, single file is in accordance with the content provided by shooting, will be surprising. The difficulty lies in the movie, and can not simply copy the files to the criminal investigation, the film needs to be made from the real core of dramatic conflict cases, and by strengthening the conflict, with a distinctive style, to form a strong impact on the psychology of the audience, it needs to master the creators of very clever writing means. In order to let the audience feel satisfied. It is worth mentioning that the criminal film in recent years in the domestic film, the quality is much higher than the average level, whether it is the fictional nature of the "sun burning heart" "fireworks", is based on a true story "the Mekong River action", has won the market with the love of the audience. The criminal film creative intelligence, expression skills, depth and level, also no lack of perception, which makes more attention to the film director of criminal investigation, such as the "silver serial murder" in cracked shortly after the Ministry of public security institutions to film and television production director Lu Chuan, to put the case on screen. More than once it was suggested that the domestic film really want to improve the quality of the rapid increase, the type of color should be more strengthened. A type of film in the film as criminal "hardcore", their value will never exist only satisfy the curiosity of the audience, a good movie criminal values have been emphasizing the beauty)相关的主题文章: