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The size of the new season the first station of Oakland Wei A- led Shenzhen new season match Serena from Oakland start WTA Chinese according to official website news, the first week of the 2017 season tournament entry list, ranked first in the world, will participate in the Brisbane international tournament, the Williams sisters will work together to participate in the Oakland race, this is the first time since 1998 the Williams time to join an international tournament. Brisbane international tournament is only a top race in the first weeks of the new season, this year’s finalists finals of WTA (BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global) in the five players will participate in the tournament. Last year in Brisbane won the women’s singles runner up Gobel will lead out, other players and this year won the WTA finals champion Cibulkova, Carolina · Price Kurkovva, Gulu; Kuznetsova, Navarro, Mu Zha, J Vito Lina and Weiss Nina. In addition, just announced that next year will continue to play in the WTA tournament, Vinci local star Stosur, this year’s Olympic Games women’s singles gold medalist Puig, Chinese player Zhang Shuai and Bouchard in the squad. The Williams sisters chose to be held in Oakland ASB elite race as their new season’s first race, in addition to the Williams sisters, participate in this tournament players and defending champion Stevens, last year’s runner up Caroline Wozniacki, Ivanovic and Safalo. In Chinese at the Shenzhen open, Agnieszka radwanska defending champion · return to Shenzhen, together with her team and the 2014 champion Halep, British upstart hole tower and Pakistan Shinseki. The following is the complete list (wild card players and qualifier specific lineup pending): Brisbane station: No.1 Gobel No.5 cibulkova No.6 Carolina · Price Kurkovva No.7 No.9 Kuznetsova No.12 mu Gulu tie Navarro No.18 Vinci No.21 Stosur No.23 Zhang Shuai No.26 Cassatt No.29 No.30 No.31 Maca Petrova bedgood Clara Sigmund No.32 No.33 No.40 puyg Tingsaiwa Jumei, soil P No.41 Kone No.45 Mchale No.46 Bouchard No.49 errani Brisbane race will begin on January 1st Oakland station: No.2 Serena Williams No.17 No.19 Caroline Wozniacki No.20 No.22 villagrande govortsova Williams Botengsi No.27 No.35 Stevens No.44 Aosta puff Liuqin Kova Peng Ke No.47 Osaka No.48 No.50 Larson No.51 kangniu Naomi Vic Meijer No.52 Beck No.5 4, Davies No.62 No.61 Georg Safarova No.63 Ivanovic No.65 Philip相关的主题文章: