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The Spring Festival tickets in advance on sale this week or to grab the special offer ticket "the best day will be the longest railway department before the 60 day train ticket pre-sale period is shortened to 30 days, when recovery is uncertain. For many travelers to purchase, airlines have to adjust the price, the early sale of tickets during the spring festival. Multiple ticketing platform have said that this week is the best time to grab tickets before the spring festival. Reporter inquiry railway 12306 website found that as of yesterday, only to buy train tickets to December 30th. The ShangHai Railway Station said that when the resumption of the 60 day of the pre-sale period has not yet notified. Passengers to buy tickets before the 15 days of the spring, still need to wait. Many years ago this time has booked train tickets to return home, these days began to worry. Are the first to grab the train ticket, not to buy tickets again. Because even when a ticket is hard, yesterday bought a ticket home directly in January 18th." Home in Shenyang, Ms. Zhang said. A person in charge of aviation, told reporters that the railway sector pre-sale period is shortened to 30 days. The pre-sale period of the aviation market unchanged, still ahead of 2-3 months. Since January 13, 2017 to enter the spring. Yesterday, the spring festival ticket prices have all been released online sales. The sales period until the end of January. According to the query, ticket prices initially put the Spring Festival next year although there have been a slight upward trend, but still more favorable interval. To Spring Airlines, lucky, Eastern Airlines, for example, the query to the more popular city after January 13th 300-600 yuan ticket. Which January 13, 14 Shanghai – Xiamen minimum of $360, Shanghai – Tianjin minimum $370, Shanghai – Qingdao and even a special ticket of $220. Coupled with the railway train tickets on sale, buy a ticket to return home will be increased, part to buy train tickets are appropriate, it will turn to panic buying tickets, tickets will be increased when the difficulty of panic buying. The industry believes that the best time to grab a special ticket should be this week.相关的主题文章: