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The Spy Drama "sparrow" behind the popular: the paradox of human nature of the sparrow _36 > > about to speak, but saying nothing;; > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment Spy Drama "sparrow" with Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun, Kan Qingzi, Yin is young cast, viewing all the way high at the same time, but also to the traditional Spy Drama brings a new. Not only is the integration of Yan value economy and traditional drama, the interpretation of human nature in more depth, lack of tenderness and revolutionary hero Xiangxi, paradox of human nature step by step in the interpretation of the various entanglements, but hidden in the repression of heavy line, about to speak, but saying nothing and background reflect each other. In combination with the young spy suspense fusion hand inside the entanglement before although other Spy Drama enabled fresh small meat to try, but let the high value of Yan troops participating Spy Drama, "sparrow" is bold to eat crabs, in shaping the character is also different from the. Li Yifeng plays Chen Shen, played by Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang, played by Zhang Ruoyun Tang Shanhai and Yin Zheng as the three Su Province, four different characters, different factions, each of the "hidden", but also lies in the common role of each multiple personality under the inner entanglements gradually, in the in-depth interpretation of the plot, the relationship between each other but not a word or two can be bright, a hero among Xiangxi, fraternal trust, also have cold and suspicion between rivals, and competition and the game between the Zhiyong, complex and tangled, swinging the audience’s eyes have become a weapon to seize. Love and love is taboo in the depth of interpretation of the double paradox of human nature in a novel, see "love is taboo," the saying, "sparrow" seems to be shrouded in the whole. Those feelings are often not explicitly, such as Chen Shen and Li Xiaonan in the face of Xu Bicheng, the former is the love for himself, the latter is full of guilt; the sea of Tangshan for Xu Bicheng, and it is simple in that sentence with even childish words tart aegyo, and its sharp contrast in the image, only love explains it all; and Jiangsu provinces for Li Xiaonan, is the love child of dedication, can not put down not close hand, with love to love, this love to kill the state is not the so-called metamorphosis, but from a glimpse of the complexity of human nature. Love without words, love and not love and do not suit, a plurality of main emotions are never spread out about to speak, but saying nothing, said, "love is taboo" in himself, very very sad tear. With the continuous evolution of the story, a little bit of this gradually deepened, a step by step to capture the hearts of the audience. The human feelings and grasp, "sparrow" success at least in Spy Drama field, may no one before. A thousand film, Huan Rui century, beautiful film, cable jointly produced treasure group, logistics center shield television Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV crisis hit, simultaneously broadcast video Tencent.相关的主题文章: