The star chef Baoding apprentice Chef School Song Xiaobao staged wet temptation entertainment

The "star chef" Baoding apprentice Chef School Song Xiaobao staged wet temptation entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news November 4th Friday night 21:20 Tianjin TV, November 6th Sunday evening 20; 30 southeast TV broadcast of the "Star kitchen assembly" third to China historical and cultural city of Baoding. Here are a variety of Wu Yi star kitchen only to learn cooking, find the real Baoding cuisine. Jiang Wu, An Hu, Chen Jiayan, Alan, Song Xiaobao, Qu Ying 6 star chef PK Zhai Xingyue long and lined up, diners will release what task "difficult" you star chef? A chowhound contest will be staged… Jiang Wu team staged a hot wet, melee eat melon Jiang Wu team in search of people recognize a hidden in the guest link extras in Song Xiaobao, the two teams compete, Song Xiaobao hold the thigh for away, successfully joined the ranks of Jiang Wu in the first round of link struggle, Song Xiaobao turned the real value of word play, creative commercials in the ass "the three silly" sell adorable appearance, humor, won the boss donkey farm favor, get free food, but also won the spa gift, in a comfortable hot spring place, Song Xiaobao is not only a word not just funny, adorable uncle Jiang Wu dragged into the water, it is making the "butchers" to set in the pool there is a real right hand! The set of laughter, full of fun and excitement to show increased. An Hu hunt team was beaten, lost again and again, the blue thin letinous edodes was playing, containment, board, and Wu Hu team, team opening suffered, and ultimately to find the goddess Qu Ying in a group of soldiers. In the first donkey farm advertising is to let the team defeat Hu miserable, not only to capture their ingredients, but also met the traffic jam, boating with pulp, fishing nets will not… However, An Hu said: "get the process of food and see the scenery makes me feel very worthwhile." In the program, An Hu showed a wise and calm, Alan showed good man style, Qu Ying shows the first-class delicacy champion knife, An Hu team in the experience many hardships and will be from the audience how a delicacy works? Restaurant Chef Jiang Wuman PK, is the "heart plug" final battle will let the two Wang kitchen one day to learn cooking skills all show, make creative cuisine PK match. The Jiang Wu team from the team to eat dishes Hu steal colander, is full of "all" ironic. An Hu team attend to matters in trouble with the attack and defense military team, carried out a Song Xiaobao and a Jiang Wu An Hu team is subtly malicious uncle, king can counter attack, winning the championship? How did Jiang Wu put a donkey into a plate in the absence of a tool? We want to see Song Xiaobao votes, said to the hand piece piece, please pay attention to the "Star kitchen assembly"! Delicious fun here!相关的主题文章: