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Business Twin Cities Roofing Storm damage is not a consequence of only winter weather. Summer storms bring with them their own set of risks. Each year 10,000 plus summer storms are labeled as severe. Along with that tag they carry an increased chance of causing damage to your roof and property. These severe storms carry the risks of hail, wind, flooding, and lightening. In other words damaging weather! Did you know that hail causes more than an estimated BILLION dollars of damage a year? You cant stop the weather, but you can help prevent roof damage. Twin Cities roofing companies can help guide you through the steps to protect your roof and home from the upcoming summer storm season. Being prepared is more than half the battle when dealing with storm damage. Proper preparation means youll be able to minimize the damage your home sustains. When installing a new roof or repairing your existing roof your Twin Cities roofing company will present you with varied material options. Even a quick search of the internet will show you that roof material options vary much more greatly than you may have ever thought! Each of the different material options for your roof have different strengths and weaknesses. Roof contractors expertise can help you select the roofing material best built to handle the storms in your area. Different materials, for example, are better built to sustain hits from hail without extensive damage. Some materials are less likely to experience wind damage. The choice you make in your roofing materials will vary depending on what area you live in and what type of storms you expect. Roof contractors will tell you the other important step to saving your roof from damage is regular maintenance. By having your roof checked routinely for loose and broken shingles you will make sure there arent weak spots for a storm to take advantage of. Routine maintenance is having your roof assessed once a year. Twin Cities roofing companies will tell you loose and lifting shingles are easy targets for strong winds. Both straight line winds and tornados are cause for concern. Summer storms can produce 60-100 mph winds. A strong wind like that can lift up shingles and pull pieces of your roof with them causing both shingle damage and damage to your roof structure underneath. Winds produced by a tornado exceed 100 mph! Damage cause by loose shingles is one kind of easily preventable damage with regular maintenance. When choosing a Twin Cities roofing company dont cut corners. A poorly secured decking can spell disaster when the summer storms roll in. Whats worse than losing shingles in strong wind? Losing your roof decking! Keep an eye on more than just your roof. Surrounding trees can be big trouble in storm weather also. Dead and dying branch that overhang your roof should be routinely trimmed so they dont come crashing down in severe weather. Clearing out these branches ahead of time will stop them from coming down on your roof in the next strong storm. Twin Cities roofing companies are an important resource when it comes to preventing summer storm damage. Take their advice and do your research ahead of time, plan for regular maintenance, and keep an eye on your surrounding trees! For more information visit Commercial Roofing Companies 相关的主题文章: