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"The total packet" Yang Shuo airport early autumn street   filling mature male Charm – Fashion – starred in the hit series "Ode to joy" in the "general packet" angle, glamorous, smart elegant image let Yang Shuo jumped to become the hottest star, loved by the audience. 04 years when he won the "line", "swordsman family woman" and other TV series won the annual variety known to every family TV image award, tenth national television production industry best actor award and many other awards, it sets idol charm and superb acting in a strength actor. Recently, a casual dress handsome Yang Shuo coming out of the airport, a mature male charm, wrist worn two MontBlanc men’s Woven cortical bracelets, complement each other: one unique Meisterstü Bracelet decorated with sterling silver ring; CK pattern, opening design collocation black woven wristbands and create new styles of cortical, comfortable and casual wears Yang Shuo match highlight the charm of elegant and charming neat neat; another bracelet style fashion, black fabric strap collocation lacquer steel buckle wrist charm with each other, and has the practicability and wearing comfort, extraordinary tolerance behavior show Yang Shuo is confident calm. MontBlanc men’s Woven cortex bracelet, silver Meisterstü CK ring opening design pattern, MontBlanc men’s black fabric woven leather bracelet strap, enameled steel buckle (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: