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The trend of younger age students in primary and middle school students in the United States high growth rate according to the Xinhua News Agency recently in China, "2016 Chinese abroad (course) trends report" released. The report pointed out that the age structure of our students is undergoing rapid change, with students as the main body of the rapid development of young students. The report pointed out that the United States student, Graduate growth has stalled, undergraduates continued steady growth, the graduate has accounted for nearly 80% from 10 years ago, fell to 42% last year, this year will continue to decline to below 40%. It is noteworthy that the United States to study high school students grew strong. As of November 2015, the United States to attend primary and secondary school students have been up to 34578 people, accounting for about 52% of international students in the United States to attend primary and secondary schools, and continue to maintain the growth rate of the figure of 2. According to the report, with this small study heat, and control of national public school held the International Department, domestic and international school is rising rapidly, the original survival difficult private schools, have to change over to international schools, students strong. Because of the public opinion on the western education widespread misunderstanding and excessive beautification, simple phenomenon, with the rise of dilinghua study abroad, overseas security will become an important problem in the future. More and more students to complete the studies, expelled or discouraging students increased significantly, the biggest reason is not the result is not good, it is a violation of school basic rules standard, including learning exam cheating, should pay more attention to parents and students. According to reports, studying abroad is still in the stage of steady growth, to 2015 the total number exceeded 520 thousand, 2016 will continue to rise, but the growth rate will continue to decline, may be the first single digit growth rate. Among them, the United States is still far ahead of other countries, occupy the main position of Chinese students abroad. Up to now, the 2016 academic year net growth of nearly 20 thousand students to the United States, reaching 323 thousand people, an increase of only 7.2%, the lowest in the last 9 years, compared with the highest at the same time, a significant contraction.相关的主题文章: