The typhoon catfish today swim Jiangxi transit with heavy rains poured in 87 counties –

The typhoon "catfish" today "swim" Jiangxi transit with   heavy rains poured in 87 counties – Jiangxi channel by No. 17 typhoon "catfish", September 28th 17 to 29, 17, 87 counties in our province (area) by heavy rain storm invasion. Affected by rainfall, in the upper reaches of Ganjiang River, Fuhe River tributaries appear obvious rise in the water process, the water level of Poyang Lake is in a slow recovery. According Fangzong statistics, at present, the province’s total mass transfer of 749 people, yet received reports of casualties. Meteorological experts said, "catfish" in our province has basically ended today. Reporter yesterday learned from the provincial meteorological station, day 5, "catfish" center located in Ruijin City, the largest wind 7 (15 m / sec, tropical low level). Is expected to "catfish" will be 10~15 kilometers per hour speed to the north easterly direction, strength continue to weaken. Provincial meteorological experts said the impact on our province has basically ended today catfish. The 87 counties were heavy rains according Fangzong water monitoring data show that in September 28th 17 to 29 March 17, the province has 51 counties (districts) under a heavy rain, 36 counties (districts) under the rain. Among them, Yihuang to 258 mm of rainfall in the province’s most. The province more than 200 mm of rainfall and Mount Lu Management Bureau, Fenyi County, Mount Lu District, Linchuan district. Affected by rainfall, in the upper reaches of Ganjiang River, Fuhe River water level rose significantly, up 1 to 3 meters, but the water level was below the warning line. As of 29, 19, the NanChang Railway Station level rise to 14.37 meters, 12.6 meters than the dry blue warning water level 1.77 meters high. At the same time, Poyang Lake station sign Xingzi hydrological station rose to 10.33 meters, 18 meters of 10.18 than the day before yesterday rose 0.15 meters, but lower than for the same period. Since the total mass transfer of 749 people on the 28 day, the provincial flood control headquarters in accordance with the central instructions, requested by city defense, especially the large rainfall Ganzhou, Fuzhou, Shangrao, Ji’an City, in-depth investigation and risks, any more than the warning index, according to the plan provisions immediately threatened mass transfer, eliminate the vicious incident. At present, the province’s total transfer of 749 people. Among them, 382 people of Yanshan County, 66 people, 301 people Yihuang County Shicheng County. The situation is still in the verification of statistical reporting, yet received reports of casualties. The power of "catfish" why so fierce? The typhoon "catfish" struck, many people feel its power, especially the strong wind. According to the analysis of meteorological experts, "catfish" level seven fengjuan maximum up to 450 kilometers, victory "Meranti" heyday of 320 km seven ring. Because of the "catfish" taller than "Meranti", the landing point with "Meranti" almost, or "Meranti" more than the north, so the larger the influence of wind. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: