The United States Agency leaders urge the San Francisco police chief candidates to consider new

The United States Agency leaders urge the San Francisco police chief candidates to consider new Chinese network – China overseas network on 2 November, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the San Francisco Police Commission in November 1st to restore the closed door meeting may elect three candidates qualify for the last. A group of Chinese community leaders in the eve of the meeting (October 31st) held a press conference in chinatown. The Chinese police MRT system director Zhu Hongquan (Gary Gee) said: "the San Francisco Asian population accounted for 1/3, why the three qualifying will be full of African? Why Asian candidates (Tan Jingwen) can not qualify?" The Chinese community for the Chinese police chief of qualifying, and support Tan Jingwen as director, including former police chief Zhu Hongquan MRT (front row right) and former Federal Civil Rights Committee Li Yanhong, visit the valley leader Chen Meiling Prynne and Democratic Club Co chairman Luo Jingxia (back row, left). ("world news" reporter Li Xiulan photo)   curated by a white democratic club. The community leaders Prynne many years ago about Tan Jingwen is director of the ideal police candidates, strongly recommended. Tan Jingwen also had the support of the police station, is regarded as the most popular candidate. But Tan Jingwen has not yet been announced before the applicant has been informed that the line will not be selected. He’s thinking about retiring. Chinese community publicly asked the police to reconsider the application of Tan Jingwen. Familiar with the city selection proceedings before the police chief and former member of the Federal Civil Rights Committee Li Yanhong said at a press conference the same day not for Tan Jingwen for a personal secretary, but feel police authority in the selection process is fair, worried about the Asian and Chinese candidates can not be treated fairly. Some media quoted sources reported that the appointment of the mayor Li Mengxian appointed by the Secretary of the upcoming Xia Pulin, the other two will qualify for the field applicants, the three are all african. Li Yanhong said that San Francisco is a multicultural city, not all applicants are African American, why only African American qualify? This process ignores the needs of the city’s 1/3 Asian service? The Secretary’s responsibility is to protect the safety of the residents of the city, not just a single family. Visit the Valley Community Leader Chen Meiling is two years and the branch of the Bayview ingside advisory committee. She said, in the past five years and the city’s troubled Chinese community party golden fraud case, on behalf of the Secretary Xia Pulin has not listened to the voice of the Chinese community, the survey showed weakness, ignore the Chinese community demands, including the selection of the Secretary, not even a Asian applicants? Co chairman Luo Jingxia said Democratic Club Prynne, police authority must open the first round of the 11 finalists list, let the police know how the Committee elected three people from 11 in the final round, increase transparency. So far the selection is closed door secret, did not allow people to understand the reasons for Asian applicants can not qualify. Since the way is not fair, should start again, let each ethnic applicants fair competition. Zhu Hongquan served as secretary of transportation police nine years. He said that he and former San Francisco Police Bureau, Liu Baian, director of Chinese and Fang Yuwen are lucky, as the Secretary of the opportunity to break the record, creating a history. All three of them are in the old gold相关的主题文章: