The University also has 00 after he began to exclaim land

The University also has "00" after he began to exclaim: "land grab" Zhang Xionghui (right) 4 years old attending primary school, he said, was hardly bothered myself. Reporters found that this year more than 00 freshmen began to appear". Zhongshan University has 00 new students after the 11. This year nearly 40 people, 4 people of Shantou University, Guangdong University of Finance and economics, there are 14 people. In the field, there are 35 people at Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, there are 27 people, Northwestern University freshmen this year, there are 18 people, Xiamen University also has a population of 17. No wonder he exclaimed at the opening ceremony, "00" after the start of "land grab"! Zhang Xionghui: 4 years old on elementary school, Zhang Xionghui is one of the few "one after 00" in Zhongshan University. For students around one or two years younger than him, indifferent to. "Little did not bother me." Zhang Tongxue said, because the age is small, the arrival of the rebellious period is delayed, but let me be more focused on learning." From Guangdong, Meizhou, he successfully admitted to the Zhongshan University School of marine sciences. Zhang Xionghui did not skip class, but the primary school age is relatively small." He told reporters that he was about 4 years old into the primary school. His classmates did not go too far to curiosity and attention because of his age. As usual, from childhood to almost the same." He said. The younger age has also become one of the reasons he chose Zhongshan University. "On the one hand, I am young, I do not think of the province; in addition, it is also one of the best universities in china." When the college entrance examination, he became the first choice. During the course of the election, he was particularly impressed, the curriculum is very diverse, this can be a good way to broaden the knowledge of students." His evaluation way. Zhang Xionghui is also a volleyball fan, he has joined the WeChat group in the volleyball community, while the formal new community has not started, he has been eager. For the future, he has planning: I intend to graduate school. Of course, if there is a chance, would like to go abroad to see." Gu Haodong: jumped three secondary Gu Haodong, also joined the Zhongshan University Zhuhai campus this year, after the one of the "00". Unlike Zhang Xionghui, he is a way to skip college. Primary school did not read the grade 6, directly on the junior high school; junior high school did not read the second day; high school did not read high school, directly read the third year." Gu said in an interview, I was in primary school grade 5 to read all the contents of the primary school, junior high school is also the case." High school is different, Gu Haodong, a high school affiliated to South China Normal University, participated in the junior high school entrance examination. At that time, his score was nearly 30 points higher than the line. "So they allowed me to skip." He is now studying at the school of physics and astronomy, Zhongshan University. Physics has always been his strong point, probably in junior high school found himself in the physical aspects or a little talent." He said, was involved in a junior high school biology competition, and finally won the prize." Age did not bother Gu Haodong. Although the entire physics and astronomy school students know him, but this did not give him any pressure, "from the beginning of the study, and the year.相关的主题文章: