The woman was arrested in the articles after the subway fare evasion of law enforcement by pay 1500 dachiyouxiang

The woman was arrested in the articles after the subway fare evasion of law enforcement by pay 1500 yuan before the date in Shanghai, Jingan Temple Station Metro Line 2, a man and a woman "and bar" to be caught, the man refused to accept the punishment, the law enforcement team repeatedly abused even bite. In October 25th, surging news reporter from the Shanghai rail police was informed that the final two men in the police station to accept the punishment: 1 people were at the highest price and ticket fare evasion up close to 5 times the fine, a total of 84 yuan; another 1500 yuan compensation for the injured. According to the Shanghai police, October 21st at 4 pm, a man and a woman two passengers in 2 line Jingan Temple station gates, was found "rod" evasion station, law enforcement officers immediately came to the production of documents will be brought to the station customer service center for processing ticket. However, when law enforcement officers in the propaganda ticketing rules, the man of the law enforcement team of law enforcement officers repeatedly make impertinent remarks, insult and indecent gestures. Law enforcement officials said the man about 30 years old at the time, reeking of booze, emotional, has repeatedly denied that the fare evasion behavior also tried to force to leave. Note that the man suspected of drinking, and law enforcement personnel to communicate together on a woman of the station, passengers are willing to cooperate with, in accordance with the ticket on the train without a ticket. However, the man’s behavior is becoming more and more violent. At first, the man with the mobile phone to the law enforcement team to shoot, then began to abuse and pushing a number of law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers face during the elbow. The station immediately calls the station police because of its personal injury to the subway law enforcement personnel. When the man tried to escape again, he was arrested by onlookers and law enforcement officers, but unexpectedly the man had to bite a law enforcement officer, resulting in arm wounds. Finally, the station police arrived at the scene and brought the accident personnel to the rail transit police station. Shanghai rail traffic police said the surging news reporters, the man sober, expressed their regret and uncivilized behavior when faced with the law enforcement officers to apologize. Finally, the police found two people and attack the law enforcement team fare evasion behavior, in which 1 people were at the highest fare and ticket fare evasion fill received a fine of 5 times, a total of 84 yuan. In addition, because of the male passengers bite law enforcement team, in the coordination of public security compensation for the injured 1500 yuan, send it further medical treatment. "The cicada national creation grand ceremony seeks the change knowledge opens the way" you recommend today: the foreign personnel child recruitment policy is stable, the elementary and middle schools cannot enroll ahead of time, the annual income above 120 thousand above is the high income crowd Expert: the Department of misinformation "shit cake" sufficient "Shanghai special" law not a home owner: renamed Shanghai gas deflagration occurred at least 18 households in Shanghai Hongkou a window was broken in KTV fighting killed 1 people "" "wonderful video: 5 million men without telling his wife divorce second days on awarding results dumbfounded Zhao Wei mansion exposure 44 year old Bae Yong Jun when the father behind Zhao Liying’s back tattoo purple flowers have a story of Shanghai’s 58 year old single mother lost IVF birth to twins baby girl was weak: Shanghai bus crushed bus driver and nanny to be criminally liable three foreign men carry bicycles (the subway fare evasion video for extended) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep 1)

醉汉携女子在地铁逃票被抓后咬伤执法者 赔1500元 日前,在上海地铁2号线静安寺站,一男一女“并杆”逃票被抓,其中男子不服处罚,反复辱骂甚至咬伤执法队员。10月25日,澎湃新闻记者从上海轨交公安获悉,最终两人在警务站接受处罚:1人被处逃票补票及补收最高票价5倍罚款,共计84元;另赔偿伤者1500元。据上海警方介绍,10月21日下午4时许,一男一女两名乘客在2号线静安寺站出闸机时,被发现“并杆”逃票出站,执法队员随即上前出示证件后将其带至车站客服中心进行票务处理。可是,当执法人员在宣传票务规定时,该男子对执法队员出言不逊,反复用英语及不雅手势对执法人员进行侮辱。执法人员表示,该男子大约30岁左右,当时满嘴酒气,情绪激动,一再否认逃票行为,还试图强行离开。注意到该男子疑似喝酒后,执法人员转而与其一同出站的女子进行沟通,该乘客表示愿意配合,按照无票乘车进行补票。但是,该男子行为越发过激。起初,这名男子用手机对着执法队员进行拍摄,随后开始对多名执法人员进行辱骂和推搡,期间还肘击执法队员面部。因其对地铁执法人员造成人身伤害,车站随即呼叫驻站民警。当该男子想再一次强行逃离时,被围观乘客和执法人员阻拦,不料该男子竟张口咬一名执法人员,造成手臂出现伤口。最终驻站民警到达现场,将肇事人员带至轨交警务站。上海轨交公安向澎湃新闻记者透露,该男子酒醒后,表示对其不文明行为感到后悔并当面对执法人员表示歉意。最终,警方认定该二人逃票并攻击执法队员的行为,其中1人被处逃票补票及补收最高票价5倍罚款,共计84元。另外,由于其中男乘客咬伤执法队员,在公安协调下对伤者赔偿1500元,送其进一步就医。》》》知了全民创作盛典 寻找改变知识打开方式的你》》》今日推荐:外籍人员子女招收政策稳定 民办中小学不得提前招生年收入12万以上是高收入人群?专家:系误传“狗屎糕”充“上海特产”法律管不了 店主:改名沪一民宅发生天然气爆燃 至少18户人家窗户被震坏上海虹口一KTV内发生打架斗殴 造成1人死亡》》》精彩视频:男子中500万瞒着老婆 离婚第二天就兑奖结果傻眼了赵薇豪宅大曝光 44岁裴勇俊当爸爸了赵丽颖后背上紫色花纹身 背后有一段故事上海58岁失独母亲试管婴儿技术产下龙凤胎 男婴体弱上海:女童被公交车碾死 保姆和公交司机被追刑责 三名外籍男子扛自行车地铁逃票 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: