The Yangxian County men’s mediation relatives emotional disputes the more than and 10 guy

The Yangxian County men’s mediation relatives emotional disputes   the more than and 10 guy was stabbed to death in Shaanxi siege channel — original title: Yangxian County man mediation relatives emotional disputes more than and 10 guy was stabbed to death in October 2nd is the second day of the siege of the National Day holiday, when many people and relatives and friends reunion, Hanzhoung tragedy occurred in Yangxian County. The 30 year old xinmou wife and relatives to participate in the birthday party, everyone to a female relatives boyfriend not satisfied with your words to scold me a few words, did not expect to provoke boyfriend resentment. Subsequently, he called the more than and 10 young men laid siege to the woman’s relatives, in the melee, xinmou was playing to karaoke outside the wild, people with a knife stabbed in the heart of death. After the accident, Hanzhoung Yangxian County police immediately out of the police, the 10 suspects arrested in the incident within 5 hours will be involved. It is understood that the deceased xinmou in a hotel in Yangxian County to work, the night of October 2nd, his wife received a telephone, said there was a relative of her daughter’s birthday, celebrate birthday in Yangxian County blue karaoke party. Subsequently, xinmou rushed to karaoke, you are chatting together, relatives will speak to her daughter’s boyfriend Zhang is not satisfied, and asked two people to immediately break up, after some discussion, relatives think basic agreement, call Zhang to talk. After the meeting the two sides did not say, plus previous contradiction, in cabaret conflict. Seeing each other a lot, Zhang began to call people, in more than half a hour, about 10 young men have rushed to the Yangxian County blue bar, and the woman’s relatives to help their people to succeed, confrontation and conflict in both sides with words. Because there are more women in the woman’s relatives, xinmou people were worried about their threats, quickly stepped forward to stop, but was chased several young men. In panic, he escaped from the blue bar, crossed the road ran north, several young people ran after, xinmou went to the West into a high Tieyang County near the viaduct, which was a young man to catch up with each other, to escape a knifeinto xinmou, xinmou escape when the arm was scratched in the other second, rushed to escape, the other is the knife into the ribs. Xinmou was slowly fell behind to catch up, relatives, xinmou has been in a coma. Then xinmou and call the 120 emergency call, and call 110, and other emergency handlebar xinmou sent to the hospital in Yangxian County after he has died. After receiving the alarm, Yangxian County Yang Zhou Zhen police immediately involved in the investigation, according to witnesses described the situation after the incident, the boys to Yangxian County Niutoushan area fled, Yangxian County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade received the news, immediately deployed police to arrest. In October 3rd 3 in the morning, 6 suspects were caught; 5 in the morning, 10 suspects were all arrested.. Reporters learned from the relatives of a symplectic, Xin and his wife is working in the field to know, his wife is Anhui, the two married back to Yangxian County, a pair of four year old twin children. Xin an accident in the hotel cook, the basic income is stable, the wife of a new supermarket in Yangxian County to work, a monthly salary of about 1500 yuan, but the parents have a new cerebrovascular sequelae, need for a long time相关的主题文章: