There are children who have to look at the parents of Haining actually had a big fight-whereisip

A child must see Haining parents for this big fight parents always succeed, this is It’s only human., so always want to send their children to class, raise interest, have a talent. But recently, a pair of parents in Haining, but because the children learn to draw a lot of things up, in the end who did right? My mother loves painting to give her a noisy class this year 4 years old, often love to draw at home, and usually playful playful noisy, a painting can calm down, sit for several hours, my mother has a gift for drawing up that should be decided under the original capital, make the training hobbies! Mother carefully selected, choose a class, happily go to school with her. But few classes, but mother began a little depressed, "the classroom, the teacher in the above model, the other kids will follow a step by step to do. Only our child, take the pen, or simply do not listen to the command, doodling; or stare at the teacher, you do not hurry, I would grab her hand painted two!" My father knows this thing with mom quarreled and noisy dad know this thing, to make the mother quarreled, he complained that the noisy mother why give noisy to newspaper classes! "At home painting on their own, and want to draw what what, so small, what interest classes!" My mother feel aggrieved: "people’s children are in school, learning to play musical instruments and dance and learn this and that, I was at a painting class, is good for her daughter! Is there anything wrong?!" Every child is born a little painter painting to the children of great significance. It can be said that every child is born painter, process of painting process for them is to create, is a process of exercise hand muscles, is a process of hand eye coordination, is the expression of emotion process of mental development, and even, the process of dealing with people. In the eyes of adults, the child is nothing more than a number of points, lines or circles, but for children, different points, lines, circles represent a different image, has a different meaning. And the children will be sent to art classes, killing the child’s painting imagination and creative process. Therefore, the painting should be parents to understand their children, know a way, the child of a channel, and should not only pay attention to the likeness, ok… The child painting it — 1 children’s paintings were used to "listen" rather than to "see". The best parents don’t interrupt the child in the child dedicated to draw, then wait a child finished or the child tired of drawing stopped and asked the child, "this is what ah, how to say" listen to the children, for older children (children over the age of 4), parents can to ask: "what they are do you listen to the children", through the description of the contents of painting, to explore the feelings and thoughts of children. 2 children’s paintings are not taught, is the child’s creation and expression, each child has the innate ability to draw. Such a scenario is often seen in life, a child holding his own paintings in the best of spirits for mom, mom got hit, "what is this ah, out of order." Once after two times,.相关的主题文章: