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These 8 dangerous signals on the car do not solve the scrapped sooner or later! – we’re going to hear a lot of noise when we’re in the car. Some of the noises that we can hear, some of which are reasonable noises, and some of the unusual noises caused by the failure of the car. But in addition to listening to the sound, we will see or feel some unusual phenomenon when driving. Should pay attention to the following phenomena, the time may affect the safety of driving. 1, exhaust color abnormal engine work, exhaust should be no obvious smoke. If the exhaust have other color, it may be the engine abnormal, such as incomplete combustion exhaust was black, white oil with water when the exhaust gas, burning oil exhaust was blue. 2, four wheel positioning is not accurate when the four wheel positioning is not on time, there will be the direction of heavy steering, shaking, deviation, not positive, not unilateral homing or tire wear, wavy wear, wear block, abrasion and other abnormal wear, and when driving the car a sense of floating, swinging and bumping phenomenon. Line four wheel positioning enable the car to maintain the stability of the driving and steering portability, and reduced during the running process of the automobile tire wear and steering parts. When the above phenomenon occurs, should first check the four wheel positioning. 3, the headlamps are designed with fog lights with the function of the dust vent, under normal circumstances, the fog will naturally disappear in the lamp, if the water vapor inside the lamp is too much need to get rid of the mist operation. If the fog can not be removed, or condensation into more water, it may be caused by the improper sealing of the headlights, the impact of normal driving, should be promptly to the repair station maintenance. 4, the steering wheel is always not correct, one to the left, one to the right this is due to the fixed in the steering groove of the rubber block has been completely damaged lead. After the new limit block is loaded, the fault disappears completely. 5, overheating if the car is in the running process of the cooling liquid thermometer indicating quickly reached 100 C position, or launch a car in the cold, the engine coolant temperature increases rapidly to boiling. Most of the above problems for the cooling system is a problem, is the lack of coolant or pump does not work; transmission overheating, mostly due to lack of lubricating oil; brake overheating, mostly for the brake shoe does not return to the position caused by. These phenomena can sometimes be reflected directly through the dashboard warning lights, the driver needs to pay attention when driving. 6, abnormal smell in the running car, the clutch plate burning or not loose handbrake, will emit friction burnt; leaks, with unburned gasoline (oil flavor); short circuit and ground wire burning will also have Coke burnt taste. 7, the engine oil pressure indicator display abnormal when the table pointer display is not normal pressure (low pressure or large fluctuations), may be due to oil pump wear and filter blocked by dirt, oil level low, oil mixed with air and the pressure gauge and other causes of failure. In addition, the oil viscosity is low, the oil seal and poor lubrication, lubricating oil viscosity is too large, too cold too much oil sludge deposition will lead to abnormal oil pressure indicator display. 8, the car system相关的主题文章: