They say that tea has nine flavors of the six, which is the flavor of the nine, which is the taste o

They say that tea has nine flavors of the six, which is the flavor of the nine, which is the taste of the six? Sohu has nine fragrant and fragrant tea – clear, quiet, sweet, soft, strong, strong, Yi, cold, true. Dry tea, tea and tea shake tender, moist and soft, tea, tea tea sweet note Yi, really sweet, cool, fragrant cup sweet, fragrant lamp base. Smell sometimes remembered more than taste, thought-provoking reverie, said there are nine tea aroma, the tea can benefit, is the most visible character, the tea can also true, most people thought. There are several tea tea is to cleanse the memories of love tea, smell fragrant taste may not be nine, but the smell of tea then converge the situation, but the love of tea. The southern summer night, is noisy, cool, moist, the moonlight is bright. On weekdays, always in a busy work day, sitting in a chair in the backyard on bamboo and rattan, listening to insects, drink tea, read books. Many of the favorite book, "a dream of Red Mansions", many tea, the most suitable and a dream of Red Mansions "with the goods, than the South Ming beauty" Confidante ". Very love "-" Confidante aroma — Gao Yangqing Jin, honey fragrance. "Confidante" aroma and sweetness are often wrapped in the tea, see a few words, a cup of tea, tea and tea walk, where, the aroma will immediately spread, high active and not feel restless, moving gracefully as powerful as a flying dragon. Like the spring breeze face gazing soft but not charming, unequaled in beauty, strong but not brilliant, wash away the strike a deep chord exquisite and gentle, more information about "Confidante", you can add micro number: dydy880 Dong? Consultation, or see "" Confidante "is so expensive, what are the specific features? Understand. Reading tea, a beauty book, twelve beauties took turns to play as much a red book; good tea, tea graceful, fair immigration. A beauty in the north, left the world and independent, Gu Qingren City, again Gu Qingren country; the South had good tea, beautiful and fragrant, refreshing a product, another product of Qin bone marrow. There are six flavors of tea: the entrance is light, the tongue is soft, the throat is tender, the tongue is slippery, the tongue is thick, and the back is sweet. A tea such as the six flavor, the world is pierre. A few days ago, received a South Beauty Tea Cake "mountain", a look, is sent to the father. At night, my father called me happy to say: "girl, send you a cake saved several years of Lincang tea, usually can drink free outside, take good care of yourself, such as Chinese new year to go home." He knew that the phone’s eyes were red. The father’s love has been around, meticulous, just quietly. Father knows I normally love tea, drink tea of the same store, choose the South Beauty Tea tea; I love autumn to go home and family reunion, they will certainly homesick, deliberately chose home tea; I know that working outside year round, the stomach is not very good, and specially selected save a few years, the relatively mild tea tea. Father sent tea, on the quality of tea is not the ultimate treasure. I was in the tea drink to taste, taste really rare, because this tea cake carries on his father in a foreign country children deeply love and miss, every sip, is full of warm and touching. Tea has nine fragrant six.相关的主题文章: