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"Thin skin" is not safe? In fact, the white body is really good – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto high beam] often focus on car friends may often hear the word "white body", but if you really want to ask "white body" is what I am afraid most friends do not give an accurate answer. Literally understood, white body is white body, but in fact, the white body color is not white, if only a simple understanding of the absolute to make a joke. In fact, the "white body" in the "white" is the use of extended meaning, and "poor and blank" in the "white" the same meaning, refers to what is not. As for the white body in the end is how the word, there are two kinds of claims. The first argument is: the earliest time, the body of the car is a wooden body, painted in the car before the paint, to a layer of white paint, and then painted the appearance of color, white body is also due to. However, the accuracy of this statement remains to be verified. The second argument than the first argument to understand many different kinds of structural members, covering parts of the body after completion of welding, to painting, painting is a complex process, but in spray paint before the first electrophoresis line, after welding assembly the appearance of color is gray, so called "the body in white". In fact, in the automotive industry, the "white body" has a more clear definition. The body in white (Body in White referred to as BIW) refers to the completion of welding but not before coating the body, but does not include four doors, hood and trunk lid. And white body corresponds to a white door concept, that is, Door In White, often abbreviated to DIW. Some articles in the body and body panels collectively referred to as the white body is not a rigorous argument. Here we may ask, "white body" for a car in the end how important? White body can be said to be equivalent to the skeleton of a car, the skeleton is not strong, to a large extent determines the safety of a car. Many people love by pressing the door to determine the thickness of the steel plate in the purchase of the car, this is in fact a kind of method is not scientific. The final decision is the safety of steel plate strength rather than the thickness of the steel plate, in serious collision, the real test of the frame strength is the strength of the body in white, from the appearance of the vehicle can not determine the internal strength of the frame. So saying the Japanese car bide wagon is very ignorant of thin lines. There is a saying about the safety of the body is so old and old models heavier and stronger, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. Now the new model uses the steel plate were hot forming, strength has greatly improved than the old models of the steel, which makes the new models use more lightweight steel can reach or exceed the strength of the old models, so as to determine the weight of vehicle safety has become a a very foolish way. Of course, if the white body is only the use of higher strength steel is far from ensuring the safety of the vehicle, structural design is also a very important part of. How to make the vehicle crash as far as possible.相关的主题文章: