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.puters-and-Technology In UK, franking mail systems are used by many organisations, small to medium .panies, sole traders, government sectors, universities, and several large corporations. Franking devices enable business owners to save significant amount of time and money. Now they don"t need to take the long queue in the post office and the problem of over charges for stamping has been solved. With increase in postage since April 2012, frank mail users have better advantages over sending mails through the traditional method. Since businesses can also personalise their envelopes with their own .pany logo and marketing message, every mail appears more professional. But before putting the machine in your office, ensure that you don"t miss important points that you need to know. There are particular rules and regulations that have been set by Royal Mail Service in UK. 1.License. First and foremost, when you rent or purchase a franking device, ensure that you have a valid Royal Mail Service License. Operating without it can hamper your operation as your mails will not be delivered to your recipients. 2.Regular Maintenance. As it is a strict requirement to have a license, everyone using franking machine are also required to maintain their device in its excellent condition all the time. The device must be working well in accordance with the standard set by Royal Mail. Every device must also be inspected once in a year by a Royal Mail Service approved .pany in UK. 3.No illegal use. As a general rule, every frank mail user must not utilise the device for any illegal activity. Everyone must abide by the rules set by the UK legislative body when transacting with your clients. If you found guilty by violating this rule, your license will be confiscated and you will not be able to get it back. 4.Red Ink. It is .pulsory to use red ink in every frank mail device. You should not utilise any shade of ink in your franked mails. You can easily purchase these inks from the Franking Machine .panies where you purchase your device. 5.Advertising message printing. You can have a .pany logo, advertising or business message on your envelopes but make sure that it not against the laws in UK and do not contain any controversial, religious and political issues. 6.Address/ Phone number change notice. It is also a regulation to inform Royal Mail of your plan to transfer to another address or telephone number. Failure to do so may block you from Royal Mail services as well as may result to undelivered mails. 7.Legible Postage Impression. The impression of your franking device must be clear. It must have all the information including rate, destination, correct weight and postage date. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: