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"Hero" Promo Poster face double variety is the first movie level – Beijing, Beijing, September 8, the first domestic drama immersive reality show "Heroes" thousand faces previously announced suspense posters and Pilot Trailer triggered concern. Today the program group and zoom trick, published main videos and main posters, and a flurry of sand a hail of bullets is full of suspense and magnificent scenes of a large class, perfect details of the present lets a person. The main film texture highlights the full shock due to the new approach will be comparable to a large variety of plot, with filming way to create programs and other highlights, "thousand faces hero" has not yet come out will be much anticipated. A hero class files in this program, 6 young people through 12 magic trip, continue to touch the "boundary", self experience trials, be your own hero. In the main propaganda official exposure, dust with strong rhythm Zade beat drums, everywhere reveal a sense of urgency there, and 6 young people and "the devil coach Wu Yonglun shuttle in danger, awe inspiring manner. The film appeared to break out of the next second, "unknown" to break the boundaries of self "and" heroism "and these bold passionate words, the protagonists in the sand fusion, stop shaking the charge into the enemy ranks to ship waves whipped into a sense of the very finest lens, make eyes at the same time, also caused the audience for the program content of curiosity and conjecture. What the hero in the course of the 6 young people have experienced how the trial trip? It is understood that the "thousand heroes" main videos full use of green screen photography, this is not only a test of the acting skill, from the details of scheduling pose to take place, even with one elbow bend angle to go through repeated scrutiny; at the same time, it is an important challenge for the production team. To show what kind of scene, how to restore the king Department 1:1? How does the art team map the atmosphere? "Thousands of heroes" the entire production team, the art department, CG department, departments, departments, and other departments with photography lights batted perfectly, which is called "Virgo" team. Today, presents to the world "thousand faces hero" main videos, grand and magnificent, exquisite capture actor various subtle expressions, dazzling pictures add shock of music, to show to the audience the best cinematic visual experience. No wonder many netizens exclaimed, like in the movie is so thrilling. The main posters like synchronous exposure starring Shura and the main propaganda film announced at the two main posters, six young actors and a "devil coach" Wu Yonglun, as if in a variety of battle scenes spliced "Shura", wearing armour uniforms, holding spear fighting the arrow. While they are in how to fight scenes, make people fall into a reverie. It is reported that during filming, the actors have demonstrated the spirit of high occupation, three consecutive days of high temperature in the studio, 6 young actor and Wu Yonglun are wearing thick clothing soldiers, each finished all the sweat, stop immediately. In addition to the actor hard, the director also according to the action guidance, to describe the details not to mind taking the trouble as an actor, a careful analysis of every gesture, look, look. This is a bit of a perfectionist.相关的主题文章: