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Three departments to supervise the handling of illegal dumping of garbage in Shanghai Jiangsu case – Beijing original title: Supreme Procuratorate and other three departments to supervise the handling of illegal dumping of garbage in Shanghai Jiangsu case on 29 August, (China newspaper Nanjing Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Li Chao) the Ministry’s official website today released the news, after study, the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of public security and the highest Shanghai people’s Procuratorate decided to jointly supervise the handling of illegal dumping of garbage in the two case of Suzhou Taihu Xishan island and Nantong jiangxinsha farm, supervision notice has been issued in August 24th. Notice that, in July 1, 2016, 8 ships carrying garbage ships traveling from Shanghai to Jiangsu Province, Taihu forced isolation treatment dock, to dump to treatment by the abandoned mining embankment. Suzhou Wuzhong District government withheld 8 ships, and the owners take control measures. The garbage from Shanghai City, Jiading District, Changning District, mainly for construction waste and a small part of domestic waste, by the Kunshan Jin deer Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for transport. Since June 15th, has been dumping about twenty thousand tons of garbage. Jiangsu province has completed the dumping of garbage disposal, did not affect the water environment in Taihu, neighboring Wuzhong District Jinting town drinking water quality, no abnormal related crime is under investigation. In July 14, 2016, the two ships carrying garbage from Shanghai Wharf Road jiangxinsha farm to Huibin in Jiangsu Province, Nantong Haimen, the garbage mainly for construction waste and garbage. At the same time, the new river Haihe River Road, Suzhou, the south wing of the West has dumped a lot of garbage, a total of about 5600 tons. The suspects confessed that the pier garbage from Shanghai Jie Yu environmental protection Co. ltd.. At present, the local public security authorities have detained 4 people, two people online pursuit. The three Department said, the Shanghai municipal environmental protection departments should coordinate with relevant departments to take effective measures to strengthen the standardization of garbage disposal, punished the enterprise and related personnel, improve the inspection and monitoring mechanism, prohibited garbage across the city at the source of prevention and control of illegal transfer of garbage. Jiangsu environmental protection departments should strengthen the drinking water sources, dumping sites and surrounding water monitoring, pay close attention to changes in water quality, to ensure the safety of drinking water sources, environmental risk prevention. At the same time, across the organization to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the pit pond, and severely punish illegal transfer of dumping behavior. Shanghai, Jiangsu public security departments should actively carry out case investigation work, quickly fixed evidence collection, identification of crimes, arresting people involved; take the initiative to strengthen coordination and communication in the case of the court, procuratorate, qualitative evidence, fixed and other aspects of strengthening the merits of consultation, in time to reach a consensus, to ensure that the case successfully prosecuted. In the process of investigation, public security departments should cooperate closely, and the formation of combat forces, not prevarication, procrastination. The three Department said, Shanghai and Jiangsu to apply for the procuratorial organs to supervise the handling of cases in accordance with "the investigation and supervision departments of the people’s Procuratorate (Trial)" requirements, carefully handled, to meet the conditions of arrest and prosecution should be promptly arrest, prosecution, improve work efficiency, ensure the quality of handling.相关的主题文章: