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Tianjin is now hit the golden egg scam finished you regret it (Figure) you have seen smashing golden eggs? It hit the golden eggs, not CCTV "very 6+1" the golden scattered game, but in the US hit the golden egg raffle. However, to see this kind of lottery, you can not because of curiosity at the moment to try. Recently, some users reflect on their own, hit the golden egg trick! The "meow Iran Bubu" said a few days ago by WAL-MART Plaza East District, see the smashing golden egg activity, he participated in, did not think it was a pit, "hit the so-called" surprise ", need to spend 999 yuan to buy a well-known brand-name tablet computer (Suo Lixin), do not buy not let go! This is not a strong buy and sell behavior extortion?" The user told reporters that when the other side of the banner of the name of a brand agent doing activities, he just passed by, took part in the. In front of each other while smashing eggs once participated in the activities, said they can’t give up, but because the speed quickly, the scene again with loud music, they did not hear too. After smashing prizes, I checked the Internet for a long time, did not find this brand of tablet PCs, but do not buy them do not let go, and finally spent 999 yuan to buy." The user said he would also like to call the police, but because there are things, fear of delay for too long, had to pay for something. Yesterday, the reporter went to the scene, in the place where the user said, but did not find the activities of smashing golden eggs. Subsequently, the reporter found the site security, asking why, only to know that it was smashed gold eggs hit the accident. When I heard the smashing golden eggs three words, the security immediately blurted out, it is a lie!" And explained in detail, smashing the golden egg did not come today, because of an accident yesterday, someone hit 110. Then if someone hit third-prize, but unwilling to pay for prizes, vendors do not let people go, the last people reported to the police." According to the security of memories, a look smashing eggs who reported to the police immediately, the "soft", and let people go, the next day there is no chutan. In addition, security also told reporters, here hit the golden eggs hit the accident, is not the first time, before it was reported to the police, but also by the police through the stall, but a few days back. What kind of a hoax is smashing golden eggs? The mystery in where? Reporter survey found that this trick in recent years, Jiangsu Wujiang, Henan Xinyang emerge in an endless stream, Fujian, Longyan, Hubei, Wuhan, Guangxi Liuzhou, Liaoning Shenyang…… Hit the golden egg scam in almost all relevant reports and reports on both sides of the Changjiang River, also appeared. It is understood that this kind of deception is a "free hit the golden egg in the award winning gift" banner, to attract a large number of the victims. The game is usually equipped with a number of awards, first prize is often iPhone notebook computer, mobile phone and other awards, and awards are tablet computer, LCD TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, induction cooker, charging treasure etc.. However, these prizes are not free of charge, usually there will be a billboard on the pitch, behind each prize, are accompanied by the amount of the prize to be paid, usually need to pay nearly a thousand dollars, while the smallest prize.相关的主题文章: