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Reference-and-Education Back in the age of war the word ".munity" stood a lot prouder than it does today. Our nation were once, proud .munity and family driven individuals, these days we are all too afraid to help thy neighbour. If you could do something no matter how small to help put our country back on track financially would you do it? Support the .munity is trying to put a footprint (all be it a small one) into the finances of charities, churches, board of education and other .munity driven organisations. Support the .munity offer .munity groups and organisation a chance to expand their fund raising methods. Using our free auction, .munity groups will be able to sell, buy, place wanted adverts and even receive their own webpage for no fee. The webpage .munity group account holders have will have the facility to exchange instant donations directly to the .munity group account holder. All support the .munity ask in return is for the .munity groups who participate to spread the word throughout any means deemed fit. Support the .munity is a .munity orientated fund raising auction website, aimed at building small local .munities to rebuild our country. We believe that all small changes will be building blocks to a better country, what do you believe? Anyone can help. We need you "Joe Public" to help. You can help by telling five friends about us, or you can call your local school or church and tell them to check the site out. Or you can make the first steps to expanding your fund raising methods by taking advantage of our free services. Support the .munity has been live for 2 days and things so far are looking good. We already have a small, every growing facebook group. We already have over 56 users registered and this is estimated to rise. We are in the development stage for building .munity group webpages. We are already receiving calls from the public asking what its all about. I guess the point I was getting at is that our success in rebuilding .munities through the country lies with readers like you, and that little word of mouth making our dreams happen, that of strong standing .munities through the United Kingdom If you are a .munity group and would like to find out more you can visit the website and follow the links to our .munity groups" page, here you will find out step by step registration guide. If you are the general public you can help by registering for our stand free account or simply spread the word about. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: