To build an ecological livable

To build a livable city will face the problem: to build a livable city "although Dazhou achieved certain results in environmental protection work in recent years, but from the provincial government requirements and people’s expectations have a certain gap." To the provincial Environmental Protection Inspectorate report of the Dazhou municipal environmental protection work, the benefits package does not avoid the problem of traditional industries in Dazhou, said the proportion is still large, emerging industry support shortage, industrial upgrading and environmental protection is a very difficult task. In this regard, Hui Hui said that the next will be to lift the city’s strength, and strive to build Dazhou into a livable city in Northeast sichuan. Bao Hui said, then, Dazhou will resolutely fight pollution control battle, strong regulation of straw burning, dust pollution, catering oil fume pollution, industrial pollution, motor vehicle pollution, oil pollution, efforts to improve urban air quality; efforts to solve any river, East River, copper bowl and other small Liuhe river pollution problem; accelerate township sewage treatment plant construction, strengthen the supervision of environmental monitoring and urban centralized drinking water sources; timely organization and implementation of soil pollution and remediation of soil environmental quality, and carry out regular surveys and routine monitoring. At the same time, Dazhou will also implement the "green Dazhou" action, and promote afforestation by green, to further promote the construction of ecological towns, strengthen ecological protection efforts to create cells, strengthen the natural forest, ecological forest, to ensure that by 2020 the city’s forest coverage rate reached 43.5%, the city green coverage rate reached 40%; deepen the pollution prevention and control large-scale livestock and poultry. Continue to promote the rural environment contiguous remediation, strengthen the township centralized drinking water source monitoring and supervision. In addition, in the project EIA entrance checks, do not meet the national industrial policy of high energy consumption, high pollution projects, Dazhou will adhere to all is not granted; the "two high" enterprises will be allowed to enter, generated from the source control of pollution source. At the same time, perfect the environmental protection investment mechanism, ensure that the annual financial arrangements for the city and county environmental protection special funds mainly invest in environmental capacity building, environmental infrastructure construction, and establish a cooperation mechanism, to "environmental protection" concept, effectively solve the dilemma of the Department alone.相关的主题文章: