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To support through injection of E tocolysis pregnant women come to send a good pregnancy maternal Sohu recently, "low progesterone" became the mother turn red words, 10 pregnant women in the 7 "low progesterone, prepare pregnant army rushed to the hospital to check this" progesterone ", that he is unfortunately one of them, really is not good to eat can’t sleep well. A lot of people can not help but sigh, how can it older "children", and our generation is not so easily? What chemical pollution, biological pollution, computer radiation, a time for a variety of environmental and ecological questions, but feel helpless, panic too many novice family and gradually formed a "blood progesterone — doctors — low progesterone medication injections bed" such an embarrassing situation. Just pregnant you have been frightened? Low progesterone Baoma obstacles mentioned miscarriage, we have to mention progesterone, many pregnant mother need injection of progesterone for miscarriage. When the pregnant mother need progesterone are often appear tocolysis, bleeding during pregnancy, threatened abortion, physicians were asked to stay in bed, once a day, or even two times travel journey in the hospital after the injection of progesterone, toss consumes time and energy do not say, but also add risk factors and unsafe abortion accident that is a very big challenge to repose the birth of pregnant women. There are a lot of pregnant mom sighed, if these can be removed from the hard, direct appointment nurses door-to-door progesterone injection is perfect. According to statistics, now the nurse patient appointments on-site service demand, booking injections accounted for 33%, which accounted for relatively large Baotai needle. A single key nurse come to send good pregnancy "before a Shanghai entry professional home care in nursing mode O2O E care APP, the majority of users and adapt to market demand, the new service maternal subcutaneous injection of progesterone in pregnant women, mainly to solve the physical discomfort, no family companionship, inconvenience of going to the hospital, the second injection the high maternal age group injection of progesterone demand. Fingertips, Download E or E support through focus nursing | subscription number, a reservation, pregnant mother can enjoy the nurses’ home progesterone service. Professional nurses have clinical experience with injection, two fast and slow injection technique, imperceptibly has for you to complete the injection, time-saving but also worry, make you comfortable at ease at home tocolysis. Not only that, the nurse can also and pregnant mother face-to-face communication, professional psychological counseling, parenting knowledge and miscarriage of pregnancy diet of pregnant mother’s guidance, to eliminate negative emotions, to create a pleasant mood during pregnancy. E support through after 13 years of postoperative nursing experience in the nursing profession, nursing has 12 patents, with a large number of online care professionals, strict nursing service supervision system, more conducive to some aspects of the hospital from the hospital extension, sinking into the community and family. More importantly, in the E support on the registered nurse (including hospital nurses, community hospital nurse and a retired nurse, including nurses, nurse in charge etc.) through the real name authentication, qualification certification, and these professionals located in Shanghai city hospital.相关的主题文章: